EU PS Store Update 27/06/17 – Crash Bandicoot, Modern Warfare Remastered & Elite Dangerous

There’s some big and highly anticipated releases on the PlayStation Store this week, making it one of the bigger weeks we can expect to see this summer. First and foremost, Activision are coming for your nostalgia with Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy and the standalone release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered (review), but then there’s also Elite Dangerous’ PS4 release, a sporting return in The Golf Club 2 (review this afternoon), Micro Machines World Series and the highly anticipated Valkyria Revolution.

Then there’s all the VR gaming, as Arizona Sunshine (review) brings another damn fine shooter to PSVR and the Aim controller, Ancient Amuletor (review) offers up some brief but fun defensive action, and you can pretend to be Spider-Man in Spider-Man Homecoming VR Experience.

Here’s the list from the EU PS Blog, but all the links they posted were broken this week. You’ll have to go directly to actually find the latest content added on the EU PS Store.

Update: Brawlhalla was listed and actually briefly released by the PlayStation Store in error. If you want to play the game, it’s currently in closed beta with sign ups here. All those that managed to download the game when accidentally released have been inducted into the closed beta to avoid disappointment.


  • Brawlhalla (Not in Sweden)
    26th June
  • Elite Dangerous: Commander Deluxe Edition
    27th June
  • Elite Dangerous
    27th June
  • Diablo III: The Eternal Collection
    27th June (releases at 4pm BST)
  • Ancient Amuletor (Not in Middle-East, Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Sweden, Turkey)
    27th June
  • Fragments of Him (Not in Australia, Russia or NZ)
    27th June
  • Dark Arcana: The Carnival
    27th June
  • Dark Arcana: The Carnival Trial
    27th June
  • ACA Neo Geo Fatal Fury 2E
    27th June
  • Cryptark
    28th June
  • Digerati Bundle 6 Pack Part 2
    28th June
  • Medieval Defenders
    28th June
  • The Chainsmokers Paris.VR
    28th June
  • Arizona Sunshine Launch Edition
    29th June
  • ACA Neo Geo Super Baseball 2020
    29th June
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered
    27th June
  • Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy
    30th June
  • Micro Machines World Series
    30th June
  • Valkyria Revolution
    30th June
  • The Golf Club 2
    30th June
  • AereA
    30th June
  • AereA – Deluxe Edition
    30th June
  • Spider-Man: Homecoming Pack
    30th June
  • Spider-Man: Homecoming – Virtual Reality Experience
    30th June
  • Hunting Simulator (Not in Aus and NZ)
    30th June


  • Top Trumps Turbo(Only in UK and Ireland)
    30th June

PS Vita

  • Valkyria Revolution
    30th June
  • Tokyo Xanadu
    30th June
  • Top Trumps Turbo
    30th June


26th June

World of Tanks

  • Edelweiss Ultimate
  • The Nameless Ultimate

27th June

Diablo III

  • Necromancer DLC (releases at 4pm BST)

Final Fantasy XV

  • Episode Prompto (Not in Saudi Arabia)


  • Extreme Pack

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

  • Capito Loreto Set

Elite Dangerous

  • Horizons Season Pass
  • Frontier Points 1000
  • Frontier Points 2500
  • Frontier Points 300


  • Glide Giants Track Pack
  • Mini Game Heroes Skin Pack


  • Eternal Conflict Bundle
  • Immortal Peace Pack
  • Pantheon War Special Contribution Set
  • The Mechanoid War Pack

Guns Up!

  • Battle Support Pack (Available until 03/07)

29th June

Elite Dangerous

  • Gold Sidewinder


  • Monster Energy SMX Riders Cup

30th June
Marvel Heroes Omega

  • DLC

Hunting Simulator

  • Browning & Winchester Pack (Not in Aus and NZ)

World of Tanks

  • Edelweiss Loaded
  • The Nameless Loaded

Micro Machines World Series

  • Legendary Skin Pack 2 (Exclusive to PS Plus Members)
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  1. Spiderman VR has skimmed under the radar hasn’t it? That’s got to be some seriously sick-inducing stuff if it’s first person!

    Some really good things this week that I’m interested in.

    1) MW remastered, but not at that price!

    2) Golf Club 2, I love me a golf game and have heard good things about the first one. I’m also aware some TSAers are into it and it might be good for that weekly TSA weekly fix.

    3) Elite Dangerous… I just don’t know enough about it, but I do know it’s right up my street. I’d like to see some reviews of the console version before buying… hint hint! ;) Also, those microtransactions put me off.

    4) Micro Machines, just to thoroughly smash up those rose-tinted glasses.

    5) Valkyria Revolution, still haven’t played the first one and I don’t know why because I know it’d be the kind of thing I’d be very interested in.

    • I wouldn’t normally pre-order things, but I did for Elite Dangerous.

      And so far, I’ve not regretted it. Well, I might regret the fact that it was ready to play at midnight. Or just after, with a 2.5GB update to download that somehow couldn’t have been automatically downloaded beforehand.

      It looks and sounds lovely and runs fine on the PS4. It’s also incredibly complex. Just flying around and not overshooting your destination takes some getting used to. With the left stick being pitch and roll, the right stick being yaw, and vertical thrusters when you’re trying to land, and R1/L1 the throttle, it’s “interesting”. But something satisfying about lining up the target, jumping to hyperspace, dropping out with a massive and gorgeous looking star right in your face, aiming for a space station, controlling the speed so you don’t overshoot, dropping out of the frame shift drive thing (faster than normal flight for inside systems), getting close to the station, remembering to ask for docking permission, and neatly landing on a big spinning target.

      And I didn’t crash and die horribly the first time. But then I’m old enough to remember the original Elite 30+ years ago, and it’s significantly easier than that.

      So far I’ve done the (very important) training missions, made a reasonably sexy commander (and got a trophy for that), and done a couple of missions. The starting ship is rubbish and can only carry 2 lots of water I needed to deliver for a mission.

      Navigating the galaxy map with the touchpad is very well done (pinch to zoom like you would on a phone is obvious, really) and stupidly simple to find the destination for a mission and plot a course with multiple jumps.

      And those training missions (which really should be compulsory, because you won’t have a clue otherwise) give a nice hint of all the things you could be doing. Later on, once you can afford a new ship. But I’m in no rush to get to that.

      If it looks like your type of game, and the PC/XBone reviews should have given you an idea, go for it. There are no issues with the PS4 version (and the touchpad has a good advantage). I think I’ll be playing it for a long time.

      Not for everyone, I guess. If you don’t like being thrown in at the deep end with a complex game and no goal (apart from those you make yourself, or possibly trophies) you won’t like it. If your spatial awareness is lacking, you’ll struggle. You’re dealing with 5-axis movement, unless there’s a sideways thruster I haven’t found yet to take it to 6. And you’re in space where there’s no up anyway. Until you find something that has an up, like a planet or space station. Or more importantly, a down. And they’re probably rotating to confuse you even more.

      • And sorry if that post turned out a bit longer than was sensible ;)

      • Sounds good MrYd, i’ll have to check it out at some stage.

      • Well summarised! I started playing at this morning, it’s horrifically hard and on my second mission of delivering data I forgot to watch my fuel. So, second life already and I’m trying to get to an asteroid belt to mine something. What a game, sci-fi pedantry at its best, I just wish there was a handy guide and a bloody card to remind you of the controls!!

      • And TSB, please don’t buy it, it’s like NMS meets flight sim, we’d never hear from you again!!

      • I’ve had it on pre-order for a while but amazon has it being delivered tomorrow so if that’s accurate I’ll not be happy.

        Talking of sideways movements I was reading a Reddit post and there are latteral thrusters which may require some button reconfiguring. One guy had his set up so when the landing gear was down the controls swapped the weapons for latteral thrusters as you shouldn’t be shooting up the space station you’re about to land in!

      • I don’t think it is “horrifically hard”, just complex and all that complexity is there from the start.

        I would have thought it was fairly obvious you need to make sure you’ve got enough fuel. Or just don’t do anything unless you know you’ll be ok doing it. And the number one rule seems to be to not go anywhere if you haven’t got enough money to buy your ship back when you die. Obviously not a problem in the starting ship, but once you’ve got a new one, if you die you can get a replacement for 10% of the value. So don’t go anywhere if you can’t afford that, or you’ll be back in a rubbish ship.

        As for controls, would this be something helpful to print and keep nearby?

        Most of them you’ll remember fairly quickly, but those context menus come in handy. Hold circle if you can’t remember it’s circle + down for landing gear.

      • And you can switch between those 2 control schemes using L3. Going to be doing that a lot I think. The “classic” context has the lateral thrusters. Get to the landing pad, going really slow, rotate the ship so it’s facing the right way (right stick in default context for yaw), then switch to “classic” context and line yourself up neatly in the centre and slowly land.

        Just tried it and had a pretty perfect landing that way.

      • Thanks MrYd that controls sheet will help. Yeah I’d agree it should be obvious about the fuel, but I’m finding nothing is obvious. I feel like I should be able to scan for black boxes and asteroids to mine, no idea how though, and easy early missions have no signposting making completing them a chore or if I can’t find an answer on Google then impossible. It’s aggravating and, like you say, complex. My three word review would be ‘More tooltips needed’.

      • This is all going to get silly giving tips and asking questions here, isn’t it?

        I shall wake up the forums. That’s what they’re for ;)

    • Lol, i don’t think i’d fancy first-person swinging either but i don’t think there’s any in this, more of a web-slinging shooting gallery. But it’s free afaik.

    • Don’t worry Ron, i’m weaning myself away from NMS atm and have plenty other stuff to keep me busy for a while before i get stuck into something like this! :)

  2. Why do the links not work but you can search for the games in the store fine? Golf Club 2 and Elite are examples.

    • Hahaha. The EU blog posted duff links. I’ll just remove them.

  3. Will there be a review of Valkyria Revolution. Absolutely loved the first valkyria chronicles but utterly detested valkyria chronicles 2 with it’s serrated areas and tedious college story!

    Would love a review to know what this one is like.

    • Pretty sure Revolution is a completely different style of game. Not my cup of tea, but can’t wait for 3.

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