The Brookhaven Experiment Gets Aim Controller Support For PSVR On 11th July

Having been trapped in certification with Sony and caught up in a little swirl of communication errors, Phosphor Games  have announced that the Aim Controller update for their VR shooter The Brookhaven Experiment will be pushed out to gamers on 11th July.

The confusion arose when Phosphor tweeted that the update would be out in “a day or two“, which isn’t quite what I’d call two weeks. Apologising for the mix up, they posted the following announcement:

We’re so sorry for all the confusion, including yesterday, surrounding the date of the release of The Brookhaven Experiment’s Sony AIM Controller update. Yesterday, we finally got approval from Sony and are able to announce the official and final release date from Sony and Phosphor! Right after enjoying the July 4th holiday, get ready to take our your AIM Controllers for Tuesday, July 11th!

Have some spare pants ready, because this looks like a rather scary game…

Source: Twitter

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