Rebellion Announce Evil Genius 2 Is In Development

Rebellion are on the up at the moment, with Sniper Elite 4’s successful release and recent announcements of Strange Brigade and Rogue Trooper Redux. They’re spinning a lot of plates between games, the 2000AD comics and TV projects, and now there’s another little announcement coming from an E3 interview with Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley.


That’s right, a full sequel to the 2004 game Evil Genius is in the works, over a decade after Rebellion picked up the rights in 2006. It’s still early days yet, and will be the company’s first crack at a real time strategy title, but it’s now more than just a pipe dream. The original game was a ’60s spy thriller spin on Dungeon Keeper style of game, as you build up your villain’s hideout, repel the good guys in combat and try to achieve global domination.

One distinction is that, where many revivals of cult classics have seen developers head to Kickstarter, this will be 100% self funded. The company have gone through a transition to self-publishing over the last few years, and with the solid foundations that the Sniper Elite series has helped them secure, they’re able to fund this themselves.

They’re currently looking at a PC release, but haven’t ruled out the possibility of the game coming to other platforms, such as PS4, Xbox One, Switch, smart devices, Atari ST, or BBC Micro.

Finally, and just because it’s my favourite fact about Jason Kingsley, here’s Jason Kingsley jousting at the Royal Armouries team tournament a few years ago:

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