Creative Assembly Announce Total War Saga Spin-Off Series Of Games

Aside from one notable sidestep into Warhammer fantasy, Total War games have always depicted the grand machinations and recreated battles that defined the great empires of the historical world. Today, Creative Assembly have announced a new spin off to their main Total War games that will zoom in on the pivotal moments in history, instead of imagining an entire historical era. These will go under the Total War Saga name.

Speaking on their blog, the reasoning behind the move is to be able to delve into greater detail on some of the key turning points in history that haven’t been possible with the main games or those that focus on a single historical figure, such as Napoleon or Attila.

These games will still be the same mixture of turn based campaigning and real time battles and with the same depth to the game that will allow for hundred of hours of play. A comparable example would be Total War: Shogun 2’s standalone spin-off Fall of the Samurai, which concentrated on the events of the Boshin War and this alone.

In that regard, the Saga games are almost redefining a practice that CA have adopted over the last decade, with a full mainline historical Total War game in development, and this project, which was codenamed ‘Flashpoint’ in a recent blog post. Where Flashpoint will revisit an era that Total War has already covered – “It’s another spiritual follow-up to Total War: Rome II, like Total War: Attila,” said CA’s Jack Lusted – while the second historical Total War game that’s in development will come out after Flashpoint with its own large team and will explore a new era for the Total War series.

Beyond that, there’s little revealed about what they have in mind for the first saga.

Source: press release, Creative Assembly

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