The Final Elusive Target Of Hitman’s First Season Starts On Friday 14th July

As IO Interactive find their feet as a newly independent studio, it seems like they’re looking to the future of Hitman as opposed to clinging onto the past. One of the best ideas in the first season of last year’s Hitman was the notion of Elusive Targets. Available for only a couple days each, you only had a single shot at finding them, taking them out and making good your escape. This weekend sees the 26th and final Elusive Target, but you’ve got a nice long 10 day window in which to take him out.

Starting at 1PM UK time on Friday 14th July, The Entertainer will be found in Marrakesh. Killing him and grabbing his client list on your way out will earn you the Summer Suit with Gloves outfit, and if you earn the Silent Assassin rating, you’ll also earn the Terminus Suit. There’s plenty of other suits available depending on how you’ve fared in previous contracts, as outlined here:

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