Dreadnought PS4 Closed Beta Code Giveaway

Putting you in command of a huge capital ship for tough tactical multiplayer battles in the vastness of space, Dreadnought is prepping for launch on PC and PlayStation 4. A free to play game that’s already into open beta on PC, it recently went into closed beta on PS4 and we’re giving you the chance to get in on the action. We’ve teamed up with Grey Box to giveaway 100 keys for the beta.

To get an instant code, please see the entry form below. This competition is open to anyone, though the codes can only be redeemed by users who own a UK/EU PlayStation Network account. If you’ve no luck grabbing a simple code from us, you can also sign up for PS4 closed beta access on the Dreadnought site, or play the fully open beta on PC

Get Your Dreadnought PS4 Closed Beta Key

Good luck, pilots!



  1. Thanks TSA! This is sure to get me over my space sim addiction…

    • That’d be a great tagline. “The methodone to your Elite: Dangerous habit.”

      • Haha yeah, that’s pretty much bang on! TSA’s latest branded t shirt?

  2. Is it just a multiplayer game? If so I’ll give it a miss.

    • There is a PvE mode where you face waves of enemy ships, but its real focus right now is on the multiplayer.

      • Cheers for letting me know, I’ll leave the codes for people who want to play it.

  3. Thank you very much. Redeemed and downloading, looking forward to giving this a try.

  4. Stupid question but why do I need to have a Twitter account?

    • Not that stupid.

      There needs to be a step to ensure that someone doesn’t just come along and skim all of the codes for themselves. The giveaway tool isn’t built into the site, but rather a third party one and so we need to rely an outside factor(s), which in this case we decided would be Twitter as the social network we use most as a site. It could be other networks in future, if that’s what you mean, but there will always a little hurdle of this sort.

      It’s not entirely altruistic, of course. We do get a few new followers out of it as well. ;)

      • Understand that for sure but I think I’m too old for Twitter.
        But that’s the pain of a broad audience.

      • I don’t have Twitter either, or Facebook, or any other social network whatsoever. This site alone is as inclusive as I get on the internet.

  5. Just grabbed a code. Thanks.

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