August’s PlayStation Plus Games Are Just Cause 3 And Assassin’s Creed: Freedom Cry

It’s that time of the month again, PlayStation Plus is upon us once more and Augusts games are rather good. Well, one of them is, Just Cause 3 is oodles of silly fun, I have no idea about Assassin’s Creed: Freedom Cry but it’s a spin off from the rather good Black Flag so it’s probably not pants. In fact we gave it 7/10 in our review but there again we gave Just Cause 3 7/10 as well  so clearly we have no idea.

Just Cause 3 is awesome because you can attach a cow to a gas canister and launch the weaponised bovine at a speedboat, any game that lets you do that is clearly a 9/10 at least. Being serious for a moment, Just Cause 3 had some serious technical issues when we reviewed it on Xbox One, and although the frame rate is still a bit wonk when there’s a lot going on the screen many of the other problems have been patched.


Here’s the full list of freebies coming your way next month.

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  1. Never played Just Cause 3, very nice to see it on PS+. Sony stepping up the PS4 selection each month.

    • I got into Just Cause when the second game was a PS+ game on PS3, so it’s a great way of getting people interested in franchises they wouldn’t normally play. Same thing with Mass Effect.

  2. Freedom Cry is terrible. SO dull. But beingr free somewhat eases the pain I guess.

  3. I think this is the first month i already have both games. Good offering from Sony though, there seems to be less small indie titles lately. Not that is a bad thing but just like the variety they’re doing now.
    The other consoles seem to be getting a little less love understandably. I wonder if they will ever drop the PS3 for more PS4 titles

  4. The PS3 and Vita games a truly atrocious. I mean seriously, how do these Atari looking games continue to be funded? Or is it that they just don’t cost anything to make? It certainly looks that way.

    On the other hand, the PS4 games are great. I’ve played them both already but I wouldn’t mind replaying them again. Good month for PS4. Disgraceful month for PS3/Vita owners.

  5. Freedom Cry was (along with the other DLC) more of an Assassin’s Creed game than Black Flag itself was. Although it does have that dubious thing of basically using slaves as currency. Sort of.

    And it’s also just DLC for a game, which is taking the piss a bit.

    As for JC3, yes, you can attach thing to other things and enjoy all the chaos that causes. But the game itself is completely broken. Picked it up in a sale months after release, assuming it’d be fixed. It’s not. It turns into a slide show at times. The framerate is more than “a bit wonk”, it’s completely unplayable.

    Maybe August is time to finish up some of the previous months games then. (Until Dawn improved a bit once it went all Scooby Doo and I decided everyone should die and I’ll try my best to make that happen)

    • Absoloute tosh, I finished JC3 a few months ago. Yes the frame rate is a bit dodge now and then but so what, it’s a load of fun.

      • It may have had another update since I last played it. Or there could be reasons why the performance in my game is worse than yours (I suspect it’s not “I’ve caused too much chaos and broken the game though”)

        But for me, the game is in a terrible state, and unplayable at times. People gave AC Unity a bad time for it’s allegedly poor frame rate (and that terrifying face thing), but JC3 is worse, so much worse.

        I’ll give it another go though and see if it’s improved.

  6. What a cracking month with JC3 included, sure MrYD has raised valid negative points but the entertainment gained from the down and dirty gameplay totally excuses and eliminates any wonks along the journey, it’s just daft stupid great fun :;

    Very happy to have paid full retail, had a blast ;)

  7. Excellent, new games to play that I don’t have!

  8. Absolutely loved just cause 2, looking forward to trying 3 out.

  9. Hard to complain even though I have them both. Sony stepping up their + game.

  10. I didn’t enjoy the structure of JC3, after the first two or three story missions you were basically told, now run along and do a lot of carbon copy activities around the map, we might get back to you later. The first few were fun but after playing for a few days with no sign of a new story mission i lost interest and abandoned it.
    And i never wanted to play an AC game again after Black Flag.
    A reprieve for my backlog.

    • I’ve experienced that same structure in many games over the years, just thought it was protocol….here’s me learning still ;)

      • Most games i’ve played, the optional missions were optional. ;)

    • Black Flag is the best one though!

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