CCP’s Tron-Like Sparc Is Out For PSVR First On 29th August

After helping to lead the way in VR game development with Eve: Valkyrie, CCP’s second effort is something altogether different. Instead of having you flying space ships, Sparc has you flinging discs at an opponent in a game that’s rather reminiscent of Tron’s disc game. They’ve announced today that Sparc will be coming to PlayStation VR first on 29th August.


You’ll be picking up your PlayStation move controllers to throw projectiles across the court at your opponent, while trying to block, dodge and deflect incoming attacks. There’s both a rookie and pro level difficulty mode to play the game in, while Courtside is a freeform social area to spectate matches in VR.

Solo challenges, for when you don’t want to risk being beaten by a living human being, are timed events that test yuor throwing and deflection accuracy, helping you prepare for online battles.

The game will set you back £24.99/$29.99/ €29.99, with a 20% discount for pre-orders, which are now live on your respective PlayStation Stores. That makes it a tastier £19.99 on the UK store.

Source: press release

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  1. Yes, looking forward to this

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    • Yes. And Call of Duty is Doom. And Wipeout is Pole Position. And Horizon Zero Dawn is Sabre Wulf.

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