Hellblade Will Have Two Kinds Of PS4 Pro Support

Hellblade, the spiritual successor to Heavenly Sword, is undoubtedly one of the PS4’s anticipated titles and as if there wasn’t already loads to look forward to, its developer Ninja Theory has confirmed via Twitter that players can choose between a higher resolution display or performance in the form of 60fps gameplay.

Source: Twitter

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  1. Should we be happy about this, or frustrated that we can’t have both?

    • I liked Tomb Raiders options. You had 1080p enhanced, 1440p 60 or 2160p 30. You can pick what you’re comfortable with.

      • I’d would have got a Pro rather than a Slim (on Prime Day) if more games supported 1080p

        Sony have slipped up a bit by not mandating something & it’s all a bit pigs ear as highlighted by The Last Guardian (a title published by Sony themselves)

    • Happy. There’s always a trade off with performance when looking at reasonably priced hardware. For me, I’ll be taking the extra FPS.

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