The Lost Bear Announced For PlayStation VR

Here’s something new you wouldn’t expect to find in VR – a 2D platformer. When you plonk on your PlayStation VR headset to play The Lost Bear you will be placed in a 3D diorama whilst the game plays out in front of you, much like a puppet show.

“It’s a 3D/2D diorama that mirrors the 2D world,” say Oddbug Studios. “Offering a visual language in which it subtly reflects the progress of Walnut through the game. For example, to the enviroment to the left of the diorama space the environment will reflect where Walnut has been previously, while the right will foreshadow elements of what she will encounter next.”

It certainly looks intriguing and the art style and animation reminds me Valiant Hearts, one of my favourite games from last generation.

Source: PS Blog

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