Now Anyone Can Join The Xbox Insider Program

If you’re someone that likes to live on the edge, getting a sneak preview at the latest games through closed alphas and betas, jumping into system software updates before they reach general release, then you’ll be happy to hear that the Xbox Insider program can now be joined by anyone and everyone with an Xbox One. For the rest of you, you can scoff at the willingness of people to be guinea pigs for major corporations.

The overarching system will remain the same, with four different groups or rings of users, each giving you varying levels of early access.


The Alpha ring, for example, is currently able to test the new dashboard design that was announced recently, before this trickles down to Beta and the newly branded Delta and Omega tiers. It’s the Omega group than anyone and everyone can now join, which only receives early builds of minor fixes to monthly updates and will usually get those monthly updates shortly before they reach general release.

If you want access to higher tiers, you’ll both have to stay in the program for certain periods of time, as well as contribute feedback and earn higher Xbox Insider levels to show your worth and dedication to the program. Access to the Alpha tier, however, is invite only.

If you want to take a step back, because it’s too time consuming or simply using up too much bandwidth – as outlined in the table below – then you can do so.

Additionally, Microsoft say that they’re working with more partners to use the Insider program for testing upcoming games and content, which has been seen with Sea of Thieves testing and with Paladins earlier this year.

Source: Microsoft

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