Curve Digital Are Bringing Flame In The Flood & Human: Fall Flat To Nintendo Switch

The green pastures of the Nintendo Switch are set to be visited by a pair of rather well received indie games, with The Molasses Flood’s hit debut Flame in the Flood and No Brakes Games’ quirky Human: Fall Flat both announced for the console by Curve Digital.

Publishing Director Simon Byron said, “As huge fans of Nintendo, we are absolutely delighted to be bringing some of our most successful console releases to Nintendo Switch. We can’t wait to have gamers playing both The Flame in the Flood and Human: Fall Flat on the go, wherever they are.”

Looking back at our reviews of both games, Flame in the Flood is the one to look out for most, as a survival journey that sees you heading down the river with a trusty canine companion and trying to survive for as long as possible. Human: Fall Flat, meanwhile, follows in the footsteps of Octodad and I Am Bread with awkward,  semi-frustrating controls that make for a very popular game on Twitch and YouTube.


Flame in the Flood with be out for Switch on October 2017, while Human: Fall Flat will be coming at a later date.

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  1. I’ve got Human Fall Flat on my wish list, but it’s in the backlog behind quite a lot of gold standard time sinks! Could anyone recommend it and would it be a good fit for the Switch? Maybe it’s time I head over to YouTube for some giggles.

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