Microsoft Working On Something That “Fundamentally Changes The Concept” Of Achievements

Microsoft have improved many features for Xbox over the years but the achievements system has remained fairly static. That is about to change with Xbox Platform Corporate Vice President Mike Ybarra revealing that they are working on something that “fundamentally changes the concept” of achievements.

There’s actually bigger, more bolder changes that we have in mind. Nothing that I can talk about now, but something that fundamentally changes the concept … we are working towards a bigger, more meaningful change about somebody’s gaming accomplishments in history, as a gamer on Xbox.

[W]e can do a lot more to reflect and let people show their gaming history and their status. Whether it’s somebody who only plays multiplayer in Halo 5 at a professional level, maybe they only have 2,000 Gamerscore, you want to be able to celebrate that person. You want people to be in the know. This person doesn’t play a lot of games, but they’re world top ten at Halo 5. All the way to people [with over a million gamerscore]. It’s that range that we really need to look at and celebrate … we’re going to go big in the area of letting people show off and represent their gaming history and the type of gamer that they are, far more than we do with Gamerscore.

Speculation is rife as to what these changes may be, perhaps some sort of highlights video, or leaderboards showing playtime and scores for each game. Whatever they are it will soon be even easier to boast about your utterly meaningless digital trinkets.

Source: WindowsCentral

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  1. So….. just showing off then? That is cool on my Achievements maybe they can say like Gears of War Master for me or something xD

    • Yeah showing off sounds pretty good! Having the likes of Youles and you on my trophy list it’d be great to see your ridiculous number of platinums publicised, something a regional scoreboard with rare trophies highlighted would be great. I’m interested to see how Microsoft do this, much as Reddit argue over them I think trophies and achievements do loads to enhance games, hopefully Nintendo decide to add them to Switch at some point!

  2. Interesting. They do gamerscore leaderboards and showcase reels on the profiles, but this sounds like something different. Maybe badges/titles will be awarded, maybe even closer intergration with in-game milestones.

    Unless they establish a new requirement for devs to meet though, I can’t see the overhaul being to detailed. Happy to be surprised however!

  3. Remember Playstation Home? Remember all the talk of having a trophy room in there where people could visit that’d display your top trophies as actual trophies? What about having screens on the wall to show your greatest gaming moments? Pictures on the walls for your awesome screenshots? And all of this in PSVR?

    That’d be a pretty cool concept for me, though obviously it’s not this that’s coming to Xbox and they don’t have PSVR. But still I’d love to visit other people’s trophy rooms on Playstation and have a good old look around some interactive content as opposed to just a list of games with trophies listed below them.

    A guy can dream I guess.

  4. Thy should just bring back and enhance the showcase. It was a good addition to your profile that they quietly scrapped.

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