Chernobyl VR Project Announced For PlayStation VR

There have been a number of VR ‘experiences’ on PlayStation VR and to be honest most of them haven’t been that great, but the latest, the Chernobyl VR Project, sounds like it could be really interesting. As the name suggests, it’s an “interactive journey” to the titular nuclear power plant and the abandoned city of Pripyat.


“We scanned and filmed a large number of areas in Chernobyl, covering the most well known locales such as the plant itself, the Duga Radar, the amusement park, the Azure swimming pool,” explains Dawid Biegun from developers The Farm 51. “But we also made sure to document the lesser known places – Primary School No.3, the hospital, apartments and the scrap yard, in which hundreds of vehicles, used in rescue missions, now rest.”

The experience is made up of 360 degree movies, panoramas, 3D scanned locations and buildings, 360 photography, and stereoscopic videos and aims to convey the feeling of being in the dead city.

No release date has been given, although when the game launches on PSVR it will mark the end of early access and the release update for Steam and Oculus versions of the application.

Source: PS Blog

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  1. That does look interesting. It’s a city that’s appeared in many games (just recently been playing the CoD:MW remaster for instance) and films. And who doesn’t like wandering around an abandoned city?

    Also surprisingly radiation free after 30 years. Down to a microsievert an hour. So about 400 years there would be a fatal dose of radiation. Or eating about 10 bananas an hour for 400 years, although I suspect you’d have bigger problems if you did that.

    Just need to get myself one of those expensive hats then, I guess.

  2. Yes it does sound interesting.

    I’ve always thought about Chernobyl drop off, I’ll get my coat…

    • Ah … that reminds me of the old Hudyanika Bolikov jokes .. :)

      • Haha I forgot about that joke. Now I’m going to spend the next few days forcing myself not to tell the kids that one, thanks :-D

  3. Sounds promising, i’m interested in these experiences (this and Apollo 11), i just need to get over the lack of replayability.

  4. Definitely interesting, reminding us all of the advantages of modern technology.

    • Advantages including “an excuse to make 30 year old jokes about why you shouldn’t wear Russian underpants”.

      Along with all the good advantages, like getting a potentially interesting look at somewhere you’re never going to go, obviously.

      • Exactly. Maybe there’s even more meanings to ‘aufheben’ than Hegel himself had thought of. ;o)

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