Xbox One X Pre-Orders Go Live With Limited Project Scorpio Edition Console

Just as with the Xbox One’s original launch, if you jump onto the Xbox One X bandwagon early enough, you can get yourself an ever-so-slightly special limited edition console. Bringing back the development codename, this is the Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition, and it’s got some tiny bits of green text to prove it.

This is up for pre-order now-ish (well, on Amazon, and probably Game and Microsoft Store soon as well) with limited quantities available. It’s going to be the same £449.99 price as the standard console and it’s out on 7th November as well.


Here’s Major Nelson taking it out of its fancy box:

Microsoft also announced that there will be an Xbox One S with Middle-earth: Shadows of Mordor bundle, and a new Minecraft special edition of the Xbox One S as well, replete with blocky design and a clear window to look at the large heatsink plate, or something. The Xbox One controller now looks like a creeper… and there’s a Minecraft pig controller as well.

So, um… yeah.

Source: Xbox Wire

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  1. Is it just me or does the One X look very much like a PS2? I suppose if you’re gonna take inspiration you may as well copy the best.
    It’s also interesting to see preorders selling out already. I understand why Nintendo products suffer this problem but I’ve got a sneaky feeling that Microsoft are trying something aggrevating to get people talking. On the plus side though, the Switch is back in stock!

  2. The Minecraft XB1 S looks like a proper special edition, definitely one for the collectors.

  3. That unboxing video is entertaining. He’s removing one xbox one X from an xbox one x box. While wearing special white gloves. Are they really necessary? Is it a horrible design flaw and it’ll explode if not handled carefully with special white gloves?

    And it’s got a little bump on it so when you’re “feeling back there” you know which port to plug it into. I’m sure there’s some mildly obscene comment to be made there. But that’s probably just me.

    He also looks like some sort of local tv news person unboxing it.

    • Love the little bump comments “It’s going to be very, VERY familiar.” Brilliant.
      I’ve just noticed he didn’t already have the stand attached! #StandGate #MajorStandLies !!

  4. They should’ve kept it’s name as Scorpio. Much better than what they chose. Still not really interested though.

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