UK Retailer CEX Suffers Data Breach, 2 Million Accounts Accounts Affected

Game trading store CEX has been hacked and the details of two million accounts may have been compromised. The good news is that the only credit card details that may have been stolen are in an encrypted format, and are from before 2009, so the cards should have expired by now.

However, personal information such as first name, surname, addresses, email address and phone numbers may have been stolen.


CEX advise you change you password immediately, and if you are one of those people who have the same password for multiple logins on other sites then you should change all those as well. For more details please follow this link.

“We take the protection of customer data extremely seriously and have always had a robust security programme in place which we continually reviewed and updated to meet the latest online threats,” say CEX. “Clearly however, additional measures were required to prevent such a sophisticated breach occurring and we have therefore employed a cyber security specialist to review our processes. Together we have implemented additional advanced measures of security to prevent this from happening again.”

Source: CEX

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  1. Looks like I’ll have to change it from password 1234. to password 5678. Damn, nightmare.

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  3. A nice little email from Cex this morning, lovely….

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