Dead Rising 4 Makes It’s Way To PlayStation 4 This December

You had probably forgotten that Dead Rising 4 was a timed exclusive for Xbox One, but Capcom have not and have announced Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package (fnar fnar!) for PlayStation 4.

Dead Rising 4: Frank's Big Package


Frank’s Big Package includes:

  • Dead Rising 4: the latest greatest version of the game, including post-launch difficulty settings and upcoming updates
  • Capcom Heroes: an all-new way to experience the Dead Rising 4 story that lets our hero Frank West wear over a dozen outfits and perform outrageous special attacks inspired by classic Capcom characters
  • All downloadable content: costumes and weapons from the Stocking Stuffer Holiday Pack, additional single player content in Frank Rising and multiplayer action in Super Ultra Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf.
  • All bonus content: Street Fighter Outfit Pack, My Bloody Valentine Pack, Candy Cane Crossbow, Slicecycle, Sir-Ice-A-Lot, Ugly Winter Sweater, and X-Fists.

We gave the PC version of Dead Rising 4 a rather poor 6/10, but that was party due to the PC port being riddled with issues. The Xbox One version fared better and has a a score of 72% on Metacritic.

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  1. The best zombie game I’ve ever played. Buy it!

    • Dying light would like to have a word with you

      • Dying light is great too, but DR4 was more fun just roaming around mullering zombies.

  2. What the hell? This is utter tripe! Zangrief does not do the FU. He does the spinning piledriver. 0/10.

    Probably is why I will never be allowed to review stuff. :P

    As for Dead Rising 4. Cool. If it’s as good as everyone says it is, *sighs* another game to go on the list.

    Oh and *grabs popcorn* Just gonna to wait for our resident fanboy to somehow turn it into a conspiracy about TSA not reporting on something or it being bad for gaming or it is a failure of a game etc..

  3. I will pick this up, played the first one many years ago and thought it was fun, however, the time limit was an absolute garbage system. To make an open zombie game with so many different and imaginative ways of killing zombies, making me want to explore all the different shops to see what I could find, to then ruin that fun by being timed and basically making you rush through the game was absolute nonsense. So i’m glad they’ve got wise and scrapped the time limit.

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