TSA’s Video Game Pub Quiz – Round 2

Last week we launched our newest community feature – a series of weekly quizzes letting our readers put their gaming knowledge to the test. Many of you took part, submitting a range of scores from feeble to flawless and I’m sure, having access to the internet, no one dared to search the answers online.

If you happened to miss it, here’s a link to round one. All quizzes will remain live after being posted so you can go back and play them at any time!

To kick off TSA’s Video Game Pub Quiz we also offered up a copy of Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun on PlayStation 4. Everyone who submitted their score sheet received a ticket in the prize draw with those scoring 10+ receiving two. In the end it was Kevling that took home the prize (please check your Twitter/Facebook/Email).

With all the admin out of the way, here’s our second quiz. There’s no prize this week, but do keep an eye out for future quizzes and competitions, where we will have various goodies up for grabs. Good luck!

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Senior Editor bursting with lukewarm takes and useless gaming trivia. May as well surgically attach my DualSense at this point.


  1. Knew the answer to two in the first quiz, lol! Sightly less pathetic this time. Think I know five.

    • I just had a peek at last weeks – I think I know 1.

  2. 8 isn’t bad considering I only knew 3.

  3. Well done Kevling!!

    I managed a steady 9 this week, which is a massive improvement over last week.

    Enjoying this feature, well done guys!

  4. I thought it was pretty hard this week. I got 11 last week and 9 this week, which I was pretty pleased with!

  5. I got a 7
    Wanted to aim 10 and can’t believe I got 4 wrong when I should’ve know better.
    Still fun as always :)

  6. I started off really well with 3 out of 4 correct but it went pear-shaped after that and i ended up on 6. :/

  7. Got 7
    Damn retro lancer messed me up I assumed the original Lancer ? great fun though hope this continues!

    • I am very disappointed in you Obi-wan Cambo.
      I got the gears right but I did get the fallout vault number wrong. Shame on me *cries*

    • Same. Same.

  8. got a 10, should have been 11. I am crap at xbox related games.

  9. 10 this week for me, damn Gears of War question.

  10. Only ever played one single game of these, so I consider my score of 5 excellent. ;o)

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