The Call Of Duty Endowment Will Now Seek To Help UK Veterans

Founded back in 2009, the Call of Duty Endowment is a charitable fund that has worked to help US veterans find jobs outside of the military service, helping to place over 37,000 of them in full-time jobs and far exceeding its original goals. It’s a great way to help those that serve their country, and Activision have today announced that the fund will be expanding across the ocean to help support UK veterans as well.

The way the fund works is to find and then fund the best possible organisations to help place veterans in jobs. These are non-profit organisations themselves and they have to undergo a review and evaluation process, be geared towards helping unemployed and underemployed veterans, and are evaluated in the quality of those placements on a number of levels.

To help fund this expanding endowment programme, Activision have released The C.O.D.E Double Duty Calling Card for Black Ops III in the UK for £2.99, with all proceeds received by Activision going to the fund’s work. Treyarch have created a special animated calling card for the game, which transforms from a uniformed soldier into a civilian. You’ll also received three rare supply drops in the game.

Source: press release

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