The Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass Is Currently Free On Xbox One And PlayStation 4

The Star Wars: Battlefront Season Pass, which gives you access to all the DLC and usually costs £19.99 is currently free on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It includes sixteen maps, new game modes, loads of new tech, and eight hero characters.

There doesn’t seem to be a reason why it’s suddenly become free, or when the offer will end, so he head on over to the Microsoft Store or PlayStation Store and grab it quick. Xbox Live Gold members can also buy the full game for just £3.75

Source: Eurogamer

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  1. This has got to be a mistake. I mean, season pass as a free item? That’s not something most publishers would do due to the cost and ah, i just realised something. It could be to drum up interest for Battlefront 2 by getting people to give Battlefront 1 a chance with all the free DLC.

    Ok, i can’t call it that. It’s Battlefront 4. Being petty but it’s the 4th Battlefront, not Battlefront 2. That was on PS2. Though incidentally, it was an improved sequel.

    • That’s exactly what EA are doing, just as they gave away the Battlefield 4 and Hardline DLC in the run up to Battlefield 1’s release last year. The money is in the new game, so you can use the old game to promote it.

  2. The Battlefront Ultimate Edition is currently reduced from £24.99 to £3.99 on the Store too, says that price runs from today until the 20th.

  3. Picked it up for 5 euro + free season pass. Goes in the backlog so I have co-op ready when I get bored.

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