This Week’s PSN Sale Features Square Enix Games, GTA V, And Star Wars Battlefront For £3.99

The latest sale to hit the PlayStation Store is rather sparse with just Grand Theft Auto V, Fortnite, and a couple of Square Enix games on sale.

However, PlayStation gamers are getting the same offer which hit the Xbox Store yesterday, Star Wars Battlefront is now available to £3.99. At that price it’s worth gettting just to play the VR mission if you have a PSVR.

Source: PS Blog

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  1. It might be a sparse sale, but then there’s also the Ubisoft and “Games under £4” sales still running for another week.

    And GTA V as the deal of the week? Who are they trying to sell it to?? People who only have a couple of copies and quite fancy another one?

  2. Definitely worth £3.99, grab it folks.

    • Unless you’re waiting for Battlefront 2, in which case I recommend not getting it, as otherwise you’ll be all Battlefronted out when the sequel hits the shelves in a couple of months.

      • Given it is cheaper than an Edinburgh pint, even if you only play it for an hour you’ll still get your money’s worth. Reckon I’ll be holding fire on Battlefront 2 – though I said exactly the same about Destiny 2!

      • Strange you should say that… I’ve been holding off buying Uncharted Last Legacy ’til it comes down from £25 – It didn’t stop me from buying a round of 4 double G&Ts though the other night for over £28 :/

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