Star Wars: Battlefront II Will Not Have Any VR Missions

When I have friends over to have a go on PlayStation VR the special mission released for Star Wars: Battlefront is the first thing that I show them. It works extremely well and looks brilliant, so it’s a great shame to hear that Battlefront II will not have any VR missions.

“There is no VR,” said Criterion general manager Matt Webster. “At some point we could sit down and spend a good number of hours talking about where VR needs to get to in order to work with that, because in something like this you’re doing the job of a fighter pilot. And in the real world that has a significant physiological effect on you, which would dramatically limit the audience.”

Other games are quite happy to let you race about in a star-fighter, EVE Valkyrie for example, so for Criterion to suggest that gamers wouldn’t be about the handle the “physiological effects” seems a bit of a cop out.

Source: Metro

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  1. Boo!! That’s a huge cop out and reeks of lies, why not just say they’re busy or there’s no budget? I’m still very excited for Battlefront 2, but a VR mini campaign would’ve been the absolute mutts nuts.

  2. I suspect they’re just trying to find excuses.

    The number of people with PSVR who would buy it if it had lots of VR missions in is probably around the same as the number of PSVR owners. But quite a large number of those are probably going to buy it anyway, even without PSVR.

    So how much money will they make adding PSVR support? Not much. And with no season pass to make money on, someone’s obviously gone “Put microtransactions in. And don’t bother with that new-fangled VR stuff”.

  3. He’s referencing some future iteration of VR hardware – where players may be able to experience all the physiological effects a real fighter pilot might experience – as the reason for not taking advantage of the hardware now, whilst those physiological effects won’t actually be an issue..
    I’m not sure what physiological effects he means – G-force? Air-pressure? The coldness of space? The burns on your flesh as bullets rip through the cockpit? The fermenting hum of a spacesuit that’s been used for an extended space mission with no laundry/toilet facilities? Some of those sound quite unpleasant so maybe he has a point!

  4. Well that’s my decision final on that…. not getting it!
    I never bought the first but the VR was amazing and thought to myself I will get the 2nd but sadly not.
    Just unbelievable that is.
    I am actually very dissapointed by this!

    • Seems a bit harsh Del! It’s a sad omission because that VR mission was a spectacular feat and more of the same would be amazing, but the main Battlefront 2 still looks like it’s gonna be full of content… assuming the campaign isn’t a 2hr tutorial :) I’m disappointed too though, I don’t have VR but would be tempted by more Star Wars content. If you’re in any way a Star Wars fan the first Battlefront is with the £4 is currently going for, even playing the Hoth Walker Assault offline with bots is a treat for the eyes and ears.

  5. Sweinful!

  6. I’m pretty sure fighting in a war, wielding massive laser cannons, jumping around cliffs and piloting AT-ATs etc could also have a physiological effect on you – in that case, best they bin the game off completely.

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