PlayStation Plus For October Includes Metal Gear Solid V & Amnesia: Collection

The price of PlayStation Plus might have just gone up at the end of August, but it already seems to be paying off for subscribers, as the well received haul of games from September is followed by another excellent month.

The stand out games this October are Metal Gears Solid V: The Phantom Pain and Amnesia: Collection on PlayStation 4, but you obviously still have a pair of PS3 games, a pair of PS Vita games and the “PS Plus Bonus” games that are seemingly semi-permanent features on the list.

The full list of games you can get from 3rd October are:

Make sure to pick up September’s games before the cycle out on 3rd October:

Source: EU PS Blog

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  1. so happy with that selection of games!! PS+ is on the money with the games lately:)

  2. MGSV was a reasonably good game, I guess. Just gets to the point where you think it’s over and then you realise it isn’t and you can’t be arsed with any more of it. And the less said about Quiet the better (and the pathetic excuse for why she’s running around in not much)

    Amnesia looks a bit rubbish, but I’ll give it a go.

    They’re not even trying with the PS3 now, are they?

    Still, at least the 2 Vita games look interesting.

    Which means that with the massively overrated MGSV (which I already own) and just a couple of little vaguely interesting things… This month is a definite 3/10.

    • I thought the same when I reached the halfway point of MGS, apart from the fact I thought Quiet was Awesome!!! If anything, she could’ve opted for a more see-through top.

  3. Nice! All the teenage boys will be happy. What’s with That’s You becoming a permanent offering? Shame they couldn’t do the same with something a bit better, like Rocket League.

    • That’s You-r phone no. and anything else on your phone we can access added to our database? What’s not to like? :P

  4. MGS brilliant as I have yet to play that game and haven’t even started on Ground Zero which was free I believe sometime last year I think 0_e

    • It was! And play it first, it’s basically the opening chapter.

      • Mam I need a week of work for MGS then xD

      • Yep!! Did you play Peace Walker? It’s not essential but sets up the background characters for GZ and it’s a hugely satisfying platinum… take two weeks off ;)

      • Aye I did mate years ago! Might return to it as I can’t remember much of it. Might do the history thing that was in MGS game to remind me the events!

      • I played it, and the GZ again, just before PP was released, it’s totally worth revisiting :) It was absolutely the best game on the PSP, I think it made the most of the hardware in the same way Killzone did on the Vita. The plot was awesome too, I wish PP hadn’t been made because PW leads onto the original Metal Gear so much more convincingly and the whole series fits so well in Cold War Central America. Utterly awesome, succulent a shame it didn’t make it into the Vita with 2 and 3.

      • I know and I loved Snake Eater fell in love with it the graphics the survival and all that. I think there is a Peace Walker HD on the Metal Gear Trilogy for the PS3
        I could be wrong but I think I have it somewhere around xD

      • One of my platinum I’m most proud of. Loved MGSV, beautiful game. Though I’d take more than a week Del!

  5. Massive shout out for Hue – adore that game!

  6. I believe my plus sub runs out this month and all i’d end up with is one ~forgettable~ choice anyway. Might skip a month.

  7. Never been a huge fan of MGS. I really only ever enjoyed the first MGS on the PS1. The others got more ridiculous as they went along. I played about 2 hours of MGS V and hated the open worldliness. But I wouldn’t mind having another go since most everyone else raves about how it’s the most amazing game everrrr. I don’t mind the oversexualisation of Quite because If I were a woman I would totally embrace my sexuality and use it as a weapon too.

    Amnesia is welcome, the others, no.

    Good month 8/10

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