WWE 2K18 Has A New Online Mode Called Road To Glory And Loot Boxes, But No Microtransactions

2K has revealed a new online mode for WWE 2K18 in the form of Road To Glory where players compete against each other with their created wrestlers to earn ranks, pay-per-view places, and virtual currency to improve their character’s stats and abilities. In Road To Glory there are six tiers in total ranging from rookie to Hall of Fame, and each of these tiers has 50 ranks within them to get through. It was also revealed that loot boxes would be part of the mode giving players new gear, additional moves, and mods that can improve an attribute or earn extra VC. However unlike 2K’s other sports franchise there will be no microtransactions in WWE 2K18, so you can’t purchase extra loot boxes for example.


In Universe mode rivalries have had some work done to them including the addition of potential rivalries. As characters interact with each other a rivalry of sorts may form, with these ranking from green to indicate a friendly rivalry to red where the rivals will attack each other randomly. Additionally each superstar will have their own goals like winning a title or forming a tag team.

WWE 2K18 will be released on October 17th.

Source: Press Release

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