See Star Wars Battlefront II’s Strike And Arcade Modes In Action

With the Star Wars Battlefront II multiplayer beta getting underway today for pre-orders and on Friday for everyone else, grab a sneaky glimpse of what you’ll be able to enjoy with some straight up gameplay videos from the beta.

The first focusses in on Strike, an infantry only game mode with two teams of eight. The battle here takes place on Takodana, as the First Order attempt to seize an artefact.

Next up is the Arcade mode, which can be played on and offline, solo or co-op, and features a variety of different modes. Team Deathmatch is a simple battle with and against AI, while Onslaught has you pick from Special trooper like the B2 Battle Droid or Wookies, and hero characters such as Darth Maul or Han Solo, trying to take out as many enemies as possible before the clock runs out.

Finally, for our general impressions and thoughts from the beta, simply click play below or head here for our written preview.

These videos were captured during a preview press trip to DICE in Sweden with travel and accomodation provided by EA.

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