All Of Today’s Proceeds From Hellblade Will Go To Mental Health Charity

Today is World Mental Health Day, and given the stigma, misunderstanding and lack of awareness surrounding mental health in every day life, it’s a pretty important one. Mental health is also something that games are rarely equipped to tackle head on, but a significant and widely praised effort was Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice which released back in August, featuring a lead character that struggles with psychosis throughout.

So today, Ninja Theory are trying to do their bit once again, with all proceeds that they receive from sales of Hellblade today being donated to Rethink Mental Illness, a charity devoted to mental health – you can find more information about this charity here and donate separately, if you like.

Beyond this, Ninja theory are celebrating the reception that Hellblade received with an accolades trailer that does something a bit different. Instead of focussing on critics and scores, it features images captured by fans in the game’s photo mode and uses quotes from the many messages that Ninja Theory received after the game’s release.

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  1. Each to their own and it’s very charitable of them, but it’s the mental health aspect of the game which has deterred me from purchasing a download. The game looks pretty dam impressive, but not exactly what I would class as ‘fun’.

  2. Wow… what a beautiful reaction. I’ve always known that games could elevate themselves above other mediums simply because of interaction but it rarely happens due to the relatively young age of the industry. However, Hellblade has done something truly special.

  3. It’s a gorgeous, impactful game, and I’m so impressed by Ninja Theory’s commitment to getting everything right.

    Thanks for sharing this news, I’m passing it on on social media.

  4. Been waiting for this to go on sale, but this is an incredible gesture on behalf of Ninja Theory, so I shall wait no longer!

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