No Kinect Adaptor To Be Included Or Offered Free With Xbox One X Purchases

The death knell for the Xbox One Kinect sensor has expectedly rung as it has been confirmed that the Xbox One X will not come with a free Kinect adaptor or with the option to get one for free. When the Xbox One S launched it did so without a port for the maligned peripheral though at launch people could get an adaptor with the console for a limited time. That offer has long expired.

Head of Xbox Games Marketing Aaron Greenberg confirmed that no adaptor would be offered in response to a tweet asking about the situation.



So there you have it. Microsoft aren’t working on the Kinect and haven’t for a long time now. Very few games utilise the sensor anyway.

Source: Eurogamer

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  1. I guess it’s also another reason for them not to try and push any VR hardware out for XB1x. Shame that.

    • Actually, VR would be very easy for them to add to XBOX without Kinect, either in partnership with Oculus, as was long rumoured, or simply by leveraging the new Windows Mixed Reality platform, where the positioning is done via cameras built into the headset as opposed to a camera pointed at you.

  2. Makes sense from a business standpoint I guess. Kinect is dead. The Twitterati will be up in arms at the audacity of it all, I suspect. Doesn’t take much. God help them when their parents are gone and they are suddenly faced with actual real world issues.

    • Did a search on Twitter and couldn’t find anyone that was overly complaining. The few that were were just expressing disappointment. I’m guessing you don’t like Twitter and don’t actually use it?

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