Fanatec Working To Fix Lack Of CSL Elite Racing Wheel Support In GT Sport

GT Sport has been high on the wish lists of many PlayStation 4 racing game fans, with many of the more ardent fans setting themselves up with racing wheels, wheel stands, special seats, and so on. So imagine the disappointment for those who bought the CSL Elite Racing Wheel for PlayStation 4 only to find that it doesn’t work properly with the GT Sport limited time demo that’s running this week.

Bearing in mind that this is an officially licensed product with the necessary components to work natively with a PlayStation 4, that it costs just under £500, and that up until recently it stated that there would be GT Sport support for the wheel in future, it’s a bit of a mess for Fanatec to deal with.


They released the following statement:

Some of you might have tried the demo version of GT Sport which is online as of today. Unfortunately, at this time it is not possible to select the CSL Elite Racing Wheel in the GT Sport controller options menu. Therefore players can’t enjoy some of the wheels advanced features in the game, such as Force Feedback.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused, and are working hard with our engineers and partners with the aim of rectifying this for the games launch. We will continue to update you and appreciate your patience.

Of course, it’s easy to pin the blame on Fanatec, but at the same time, Polyphony and Sony are the ones who haven’t implemented support in the game. Cynics would point to the recent partnership with Thrustmaster and historical lack of official support for Fanatec wheels, but our understanding is that there should be support for this wheel.

We’ve reached out to Fanatec and Sony to see if there are more details to be had.

Source: Fanatec

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  1. The T80 works like a dream with Sport, no fiddling required. Was well impressed!

    • Yeah, all the Thrustmaster PS4 wheels and the Logitech G29 are fully supported. Fanatec are left out in the cold for now.

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