Oculus Rift’s $399/£399 Pricing Is Now Permanent

Back in early July, Oculus and Facebook slashed the price of the Oculus Rift and Touch bundles from $599 to $399/£399/€449 as part of the Summer of Rift promotion. That promotion is a promotion no more, as Facebook have announced at Oculus Connect today that the pricing is being made permanent.

It’s a good move for the company, as the sale pricing helped to spur on sales alongside promotional pricing on games and apps, and it’s also a counter to the permanent price drop that the rival HTC Vive made in the last few months. Not only that, but it’s a match for PlayStation VR’s $399 entry point, but with a lot more value as the necessary cameras and motion controllers are bundled. Perhaps this will push Sony to lower the price of PSVR?

On the lower end of the scale, Oculus also announced Oculus Go, a standalone VR headset that will cost $199 when it launches early next year.

Source: Oculus

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  1. Exciting times. Progress is slow in the world of VR.

  2. Nice. I picked up a Rift during the summer sale and I am very impressed with it, although in my opinion a third sensor is essential for having full 360 degree tracking, so you could add an extra £59 for that..

    Also, the headset cable is a bit short, so HDMI and USB3.0 extender cables are required as well.

    Overall though, I felt it was money well spent and was good enough that I didn’t feel bad about eBaying my Vive to pay for it.

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