Check Out Some New Z-Moves From Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon

After last week’s trans-dimensional revelations, the latest slice of hype in the run up to Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon’s release unveils a few new Z-Moves for Dusk Mane Necrozma and Dawn Wings Necrozma, which are forms of Necrozma that take over Solagleo and Lunala in battle. That move is Photon Geyser, but Solagleo also learns Searing Sunraze Smash and Lunala learns Menacing Moonraze Maelstrom separately.


Beyond that, your Rotom Dex is getting powered up a bit further, with new features if you get all chummy with it in game and the ability to gain new items from the Roto Loto mini-game. Rotom has a Z-Power of his own, as well…

Source: press release

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