Pokkén Tournament DX Getting Online Team Battles, Recording & More In An Update

While it was originally a Wii U and arcade title, Pokkén Tournament has found a new home on Nintendo Switch, with the DX version adding new Pokémon to fight with and rejigging some elements of the game.

An upcoming update has just been announced that will add a few notable features. Here’s the lowdown:

  • Online Team Battles – Team Battles will be available to play with friends online. Pick three Pokémon each and head into battle to enjoy heated fights with other players.
  • Official Groups in Group Match – Official groups from Pokkén Tournament DX will be open in the Group Match online battle mode. Coming soon after the update, there will be official Group Matches where players can battle to receive new special titles.
  • Record Pokémon Movements – In Practice Mode’s Free Training, a new function to record Pokémon movements in battle will be added. You’ll be able to control the opposing Pokémon and record its movements so you can play them back when you’re training to help improve your skills.
  • Enhanced Experience – Several other adjustments are in development which will help to improve gameplay.

No word on when this patch will be released, but fighting fans had some new modes and tools to look forward to soon.

Source: press release

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