Are These The Star Wars Limited Edition PlayStation 4s You’re Looking For?

Unless it’s using chintzy 90s throwback translucent plastic, I really don’t want to know about it when it comes to Sony’s efforts for limited edition consoles and controllers. Their latest efforts include PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro and DualShock 4 designs that come from the “put some logos and words on it” design of thought that has led to clothes shops trying to sell you t-shirts with barely coherent statements about how fun and imaginative your personality is with a motley assortment of words and clashing fonts.*

But I guess someone likes these, and people do love Star Wars. So here’s a PlayStation 4 with 3/4 of a Empire logo, 3/5 of a Resistance logo, and the Inferno Squad logo from the Imperial special forces squad that will feature in Star Wars Battlefront II’s single player campaign. The PS4 Pro does this in black and the standard PS4 does this in grey with the Inferno Squad logo in a striking red.

Meanwhile the DualShock 4 shows that once again it’s really not that great for custom designs – or that Sony aren’t sure how best to do them – as you get a logo slapped on each handgrip. So that’s good. The one touch of class is that the dimpled effect on the touch pad has been replaced with “Star Wars” over and over.

Both consoles will come in new Star Wars Battlefront II bundles which include the game, all of which are due out on 17th November. At least the standard PS4 comes with a 1TB hard drive.

*It’s true, I save up all my vitriol for bad limited edition nonsense like this.

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  1. You could buy some cheap Star Wars decals off ebay and do a much better job than that, plus it’d be truly unique.

    These really are low effort cash-ins.

  2. I like the grey one! That’s looks better to be honest

  3. They must sell well enough, or they wouldn’t make them.

    Not for me personally, I reckon it must be kids asking for them.

  4. Ehm, no….I don’t even relate those icons to Star Wars tbh.

  5. Blimey those are awful! You’d be way better off grabbing a used Battlefront I limited edition console, those are very pretty with an imposing Darth Vader on the top – looks fantastic when vertical. The fact the new PS4 models are so ugly in the first place doesn’t help.

  6. Oh dear, work experience let loose?

    • Or those dicks on ‘The Apprentice’ doing their thing :P

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