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What We Played #328 – GT Sport, Wulverblade & South Park: The Fractured But Whole

Don't touch that dial.

Gaming is an amazing hobby, right? But if we’re being entitled about it (this is the internet after all), then there’s almost too much to deal with these days. Too many platforms, too many great games, and frankly too little time. It’s something that extends beyond gaming, with TV now almost a daily chore just to stay on top of all of the great things you can watch on services like Netflix, Amazon, or even the Beeb. It’s an interesting ‘problem’ to have – a life with too many good things in it can hardly be a chore, right? – but I don’t really know what the answer is.

Presumably it should only get worse, but then if game budgets continue to spiral, and companies become more risk averse, maybe the release schedule will actually quieten down, making everything that does come out an instant hit and maybe we’ll actually have time to play everything. Or we’ll all be too busy watching season thirty of Orange Is The New Black to bother.

I’ve been playing Fire Emblem Warriors a hell of a lot, and despite the overly familiar Warriors’ hacking, and indeed slashing, it’s still a whole lot of fun. I’ve just started on the 3DS version to see how that fares too. Besides that it’s been more Lego Ninjago and Knack 2 with my son, both of which he seems to be enjoying a lot. I’ve also ordered a new PC for gaming, which should be great, given that I’ve been a Mac user for the last eleven years, but ultimately the call of Dawn of War III and Total War: Warhammer II have proven to be too strong!

Tef was the first to drop in to What We Played, and once I’d got over the shock, it turns out he’s been playing GT Sport (a lot), and some game about an old plumber who is almost certainly hallucinating. I mean, nobody sensible reckons their hat can talk, right?! Miguel meanwhile has been delving into Halloween Overwatch, plus Touhou Kobuto V and Cyberdimension Neptunia Goddesses! I assume he’s also played Fire Emblem Heroes, but has become so tired of telling me he probably forgot to mention it.

Kris asked the question “Does D&D count?”, to which the reply was yes, Dungeons & Dragons is a game, assuming you’re playing it right. Though it turns out it’s a What He Will Play. He’s going to be “playing with a bunch of people, some of them are first timers. It should be good! I played with some of them a few weeks ago, but we got the whole party killed. I was going to play actual, console games last weekend, but I ended up watching five games of football instead.”

Jake meanwhile is suffering from Destiny 2 burnout; “I’ve played a bit of Uncharted 2 and Sonic Mania, but I’m feeling like a month of Destiny 2 has ruined games for me until Super Mario Oddysey is out. Can’t seem to enjoy things as much as I normally do. Didn’t even want to do the Prestige Raid. I just feel blarghh.”

Jim also put in some time with Overwatch, though it sounds like he may have been bitten by the loot box bug:

I’ve had a pretty good week in terms of what I’ve been playing. ECHO and The Evil Within 2 have both been great palette cleansers as I warm up for Assassin’s Creed, COD WW2, and whatever else comes my way this holiday season. I’ve also got that Overwatch bug again, having sunk hours into both arcade and competitive play. More than a year after launch and each match is more thrilling than the last. I won’t say how much I’ve spent on loot boxes this season but I’ve nearly unlocked all of the dope-ass Halloween costumes.

It’s been a rubbish week for Steve, but there have been a few games to help distract from it. Alongside a NG+ run at Battlechasers he’s been plugging away at Monster Hunter Stories. A Hat in Time was just getting interesting when he unlocked the impossible difficulty level of his PC refusing to boot. He’s planning to wrap up Hellblade and take a look at Edith Finch which he bought in the PSN sale to ease the calamitous PC problems, though a friend’s son coming to the rescue means he should be able to get back to PC gaming soon.

Dave has been cutting up a load of Romans in Wulverblade, as well as playing a spot of SNES Classic stuff. He’s also been playing the sequel for Nights of Azure, which will be getting a review next week! Adam meanwhile has played nothing but Friday the 13th. So much Jason. “I’m properly into it in a way that has happened for quite a while. Even with useless randos and the games glitches, it’s so satisfying.”

Aran has reviewed South Park: The Fractured but Whole, and really enjoyed it He also played more Nier:Automata and is currently struggling with a boss while making a start on Megaton Rainfall which is essentially a Superman Simulator. Tuffcub on the other hand “played Detention, which sounds like some saucy sex game but is in fact an psychological horror game from Taiwan, Raiden V Directors Cut, and that’s about it.”

So then, what have you played?

  1. tactical20
    Since: May 2010

    South Park. It’s obviousy very funny, but it’s a little repetitive, which I was expecting it to be. There’s also a couple of mechanics I’m not quite sure how to use. I’m just about to go to Token’s mansion. No idea where that puts me in terms of completion?

    In France this weekend, so taken mini snes to play with my mates. Still got a little bit of Zelda to do, but gonna make a start Super Mario Land I think.

    Comment posted on 20/10/2017 at 18:44.
  2. TSBonyman
    Since: Dec 2009

    Continuing the No Man’s Sky story missions and i also picked up Uncharted Lost Legacy. Still quite early on, i’ve just started the open area with the jeep and as gorgeous as it all looks, so far there doesn’t seem to be much to find or do except drive though it. Hopefully i’ll navigate the next bend and drive straight into an ambush.

    Comment posted on 20/10/2017 at 20:18.
  3. camdaz
    Since: May 2009

    I’m enjoying GT Sport but I thought the Missions etc in campaign mode got carried over if you bought the retail game? I got the cars, credits (I think) and mission points but only my times from campaign mode were carried over, which seems strange to me.

    Comment posted on 20/10/2017 at 22:44.
    • camdaz
      Since: May 2009

      I now know that it’s just In-game credits, Mileage points, Cars acquired and online contents such as photos and livery sets

      Comment posted on 21/10/2017 at 01:39.
    • freezebug2
      Since: Dec 2008

      Yeah, I thought that was a bit weird seeing none of the progress made carried over into the full game.

      I’ve just played GTS really, going through the campaign (disguised license challenges). All but two completed to gold using the DS4, wasn’t arsed getting the dusty wheel set up…just yet! :P

      Tried one of the online races and fair play there was an air of racing etiquette apparent throughout the race, also the player matching system is a great idea ;)

      Comment posted on 22/10/2017 at 14:27.
  4. Steelhead
    Since: Oct 2013

    A single session of Final Fantasy XIV. Apart from that I’ve spent the last four evenings redecorating the living room while the kids are sleeping, and tonight is my 5th wedding anniversary which I’ve celebrated with a rump steak, rice pudding and Jurassic World. I even let the wife have some.

    After all these distractions I’ll be back to Eorzea tomorrow night.

    Comment posted on 20/10/2017 at 23:29.
  5. ron_mcphatty
    Since: Sep 2008

    I haven’t played much this week, just a little bit of Wolfenstein. I watched a friend play the first couple of hours of Titanfall though, first time I’ve sat and watched someone play games in ages and it’s nice to sit back and take it all in for once as it looks really gorgeous.

    Comment posted on 21/10/2017 at 08:05.
  6. GeneralJeeb
    Since: Mar 2010

    Just got a ps4 pro and psvr which arrived yesterday, so spent the night setting up and downloading all my games all over again, but got to enjoy some VR goodness last night. It’s simply stunning! Jumped onto F1, Destiny 2 and GT this morning to test out that resolution bump and my oh my even without HDR everything looks so much better! So a weekend of just drooling over graphics for me basically, with some VR thrown in for good measure

    Comment posted on 21/10/2017 at 10:13.
    • ron_mcphatty
      Since: Sep 2008

      Niiice, Christmas came early for you!!

      Comment posted on 21/10/2017 at 11:10.
      • GeneralJeeb
        Since: Mar 2010

        Totally! Just couldn’t resist the urge anymore it was either that or a gaming PC but I was looking at 1600 plus for that! Just played Polybius and now I think I need a break…haha

        Comment posted on 21/10/2017 at 12:27.
    • freezebug2
      Since: Dec 2008

      You neeeeed a 4K HDR TV bud, it is legendary ;)

      Comment posted on 22/10/2017 at 15:48.
  7. MrYd
    Since: Mar 2011

    I’ve broken no chairs this week, so that’s good.

    Been clearing up a bit of my backlog, going as far back as The Division. Which I still quite like, even if it gets a bit annoying towards the end trying to get some better gear while going through the typical Ubisoft “here’s the same thing to do 100 times” stuff.

    And some Yakuza 0. I’m a bit ashamed of getting the “…I Did It for the Trophy” trophy. For apparently watching a “sexy video”. So many things wrong with that game.

    Some Bridge Crew may have occurred as well. Someone seems to have found a little glitch that lets you play campaign missions on the original Enterprise, rather than just the ongoing missions. This has the advantage of more powerful weapons, but the disadvantage that most people haven’t got a clue WTF they’re up to. Still, you can fail to save everyone from the Kobayashi Maru while staring at a selection of brightly coloured identical buttons. Half of which don’t do anything.

    VR related surprise of the week was letting Phil have another go. He’s not a big gamer, but I guess he loves me and tries to show an interest and have a go sometimes. Tumble VR really impressed him with how it just works so well in VR. Simple idea (mostly just stacking blocks), but executed so well. So I shall recommend it again based on it’s ability to entertain people who might not be huge gamers. Along with the Playroom VR and VR Worlds just because the shark can be hilariously entertaining if they’re not expecting it.

    I think this weekend may involve a lot of Eve Valkyrie though. Because that’s obviously the sort of game that needs a special halloween event.

    Comment posted on 21/10/2017 at 11:41.
  8. Starman
    Since: Jul 2011

    Fortnite, Save the World mode not battle royale. Such a fun game and a good community of helpful players too. And a little of wwe2k18 which looks almost life-like, also has some funny glitches.

    Comment posted on 21/10/2017 at 23:28.