News Snatch: Cat Quest, Spelunker Party, And Splasher

Hello there, welcome to a slight delayed News Snatch which was held up due to that damn cold that is going round at the moment. Thankfully there’s not much to catch up on this weekbut  you will be pleased to know there is some Improbable Boob news. We start with the annual Call of Duty live action trailers with the US version above and the UK version below.

Tiny Troopers Joint Ops XL, which I rather enjoyed on PS Vita, is coming to onto Nintendo Switch by the end of the year.

Cat Quest is a thing and it’s coming to PlayStation 4 on November 10, 2017 in Europe and November 14, 2017 in North America.

A 2D action-RPG set in the vast open world of Felingard, Cat Quest sends you on an epic journey to defeat the meowsterious and pawerful Drakoth, an evil cat-lord who wields terrible magic and kidnapped your sister. Joined by your guardian spirit, Spirry, you will face sinister foes and terrible dragons to uncover your destiny as the Dragonblood, the last of a long-lost race of dragonslayers.

Sadly I have to announce delayed Improbable Boobs as Dragon’s Crown Pro has been pushed back to February.

Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame will be available on February 13th PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and amusingly features a bloke wearing a Red Bull helmet.  Normally this sort of thing doesn’t demand much attention but it does include a track editor which could be fun. Here’s the blurb:

  • The official 2017 Monster Energy Supercross season with special Monster Energy Cup access.
  • Official bikes, iconic tracks, and athletes from both 250SX and 450SX Classes: Chad Reed, Ken Roczen, reigning champion Ryan Dungey and others will race across official challenging tracks. • An exciting career mode with extreme customization options: Customize both riders and bikes for the maximum flexibility to advance in racing classes.
  • A powerful track editor, for endless gameplay possibilities: Players can create, customize and share online their own tracks. • Top notch graphics for a world-class game quality and a next-level immersive experience: accurate reproduction of bikes, tracks, accessories and athletes’ aspects.

Some rather snazzy Assassin’s Creed Origins trainers which you can’t buy because only sixteen pairs were made. So what was the point eh? By the way, I mis-spelt originally Origins which my auto-correct decided to change to Assassin’s Creed Groins, which is an altogether different game.

Sumo Digital, who are currently working on Dead Island 2, is about to go public and will be selling £150 million worth of shares.

Spelunker Party has landed on Nintendo Switch, cutesy multiplayer fun.

Hey, here’s a surprise, it’s an indie game coming to Switch. Splasher will be available on October 26th at $14.99/£11.99, it’s already out on Xbox One and PS4.

And Finally, Improbable Boob Cross-Over News! Woot! The ladies of Dead or Alive 3 Xtreme 3 are joining Senran Kagura Peach: Beach Splash.

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