The 2064: Read Only Memories Vita Port No Longer In Production

 Midboss has announced that 2064: Read Only Memories, a rather good cyberpunk adventure title, has had its Vita port cancelled. The team has been trying to get the game to run on Sony’s handheld but has been unable to due to issues with how 2064 was built.

A statement was released on the 2064 Kickstarter page.

Unfortunately, we have tried and tried and tried to get the game to run on PSVita, but the way we built the original engine was just not made for the amount of memory the system has. As huge fans of Danganronpa and the 999 series, we really understand the value and potential of PSVita and hoped and spent a lot of money and time trying to get this to work, but it just is not meant to be.

We are pretty crushed over here too … In the future, we’ll make sure the build our games knowing the limitations of the platforms we’re aiming for before making any assumptions if we’ll actually be able to execute.

However it was confirmed that both the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch versions are near completion. The Xbox One edition is set to launch next month, while the Switch edition is expected February 2018.

Source: Kickstarter

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  1. I get that the simple graphics doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a simple game, but it’s a shame that this couldn’t be squeezed onto the Vita. There’s definitely wide acceptance that the Vita’s time is done and that’s a huge shame, it still seems like a capable little machine, but then the Switch is definitely better. I really hope that Sony give it loving sendoff and add features like DS3/4 pairing and also remove all the bloody game blocking from the PSTV. It would be a shame to leave it to the hackers to perfect the Vita and it would also take years.

    • The particularly strange thing is that the Vita still going reasonably strong in Japan. My wife and I were out there earlier this month on holiday and the range and availability of Vita games is so much better, though the vast majority of these are mid-tier, mid-cost games. I think Sony in the west just expected a lot of AAA support that never arrived and then just gave up when it didn’t materialise.

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