Perception Heads To Switch This Weekend, All Other Versions Get An Update

First person spooky game Perception is heading to Nintendo Switch on 31st October and it’s had a bit of a revamp with all the changes will be filtering down to the PC, PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game in the form of a ‘remaster’ update.

There will be new checkpoint system, a new warning system, re-recorded audio and reworked story elements. There is also a new mode which will remove the threats in the game so you can play it like a ‘walking simulator’ and just enjoy the story.


“We knew we were taking a lot on with a story that spans hundreds of years”, Perception writer Amanda Gardner says of the new version, “We feel that the original version did not read the way we anticipated. This game is an homage to women overcoming both oppression and society’s expectations, and we believe in the remastered version, this is much more clear.”

All version the game, including the new Switch release, will be discounted down to around £12 on release. You can read out review of the original PS4 version here.

Source: Eurogamer

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