Video: Negotiating Two Different Outcomes In Detroit: Become Human

At Sony’s showcase for Paris Games Week, we went hands on with the Connor demo from Quantic Dreams’ Detroit: Become Human in fantastic looking 4K, and play through a tense and fraught hostage negotiation that was debuted last year. A job well done, we then go back through and engage Terrible Negotiator Robot mode, aiming for the exact opposite outcome. How bad can we do?

We’ll have more impressions from Detroit soon, between this hands on time and a hands off session from the game’s somewhat controversial Kara scene that was trailered during Paris Games Week.

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  1. Fantastic – except for the bad ending obviously. ;)
    This is the sort of game i would love to play in VR.

    • Ah, but I got the good ending first, and then realised just how dull that was.

      • Ah well, in the interests of entertainment that’s perfectly acceptable. I would probably do the bad way first, and then replay it a better way in order to save my soul :)

  2. It seems wrong to play these games again to get different endings. You play them once, accept whatever choices you make and that’s it.

    It’s possibly acceptable to then say “I’ll play it again at some point and make different choices to get some trophies”. But only if you then never actually get around to it.

    And what controversial scene did I miss? Did someone find something to get upset about in between having a good whinge about the trailer for TLoU2? The trailer seemed quite tame compared to that (which wasn’t that bad either)

    This really is why we can’t have nice things, isn’t it?

    • The controversy was that people felt the the depiction of domestic and child abuse was gratuitous, probably a bit cartoonish in some ways and just not handled particularly well. Cage then answered Eurogamer’s questions about it in a manner which didn’t really do much to justify its inclusion.

      That’s on one side of things, and the other is that all of this was being shown in the afternoon and when YouTube’s shonky age gating doesn’t work when videos are embedded. Considering that domestic abuse has affected so many people in reality, it’s generally best to give a bit of warning, like the Beeb does with news that might have distressing imagery.

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