IO Interactive Discuss Their Break From Square Enix

IO Interactive CEO Hakan Abrak has spoken to GamesIndustry.Biz and discussed the future of Hitman. “We feel like we’re onto a good thing with our latest Hitman game,” says Hakan, adding “We’ve changed how we work, and as a studio we’ve never felt more confident and more in control of knowing what we’re doing.”

“Changing our business model before launch caused confusion, and we had some tech issues at launch,” he continues, “While the episodic nature of the main story campaign received major praise from the press and many gamers, it wasn’t necessarily everyone’s cup of tea. What did really work wonders for the game was the live model.”

Hitman will continue with team “fully engaged with where to take the series next,” and the company is “in negotiations and discussions with potential partners” in regard to future projects. It was also revealed that although they lost Mini-Ninjas and Kane and Abel in the ‘divorce’ from Square Enix, they managed to hold on to the Freedom Fighters franchise along with Hitman.

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  1. Kane and Lynch maybe? Cain and Abel is a whole other story!

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