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Xbox One Digital Game Gifting Goes Live For All, Just In Time For Black Friday & Christmas

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As game purchases lean ever more heavily toward digital purchases, it’s been really damn strange that the three big console manufacturers hadn’t embraced digital gifting, which has been a feature on Steam for what feels like forever. That changed recently as Microsoft brought game gifting to their Insider testing rings, and have now rolled it out to all. Just in time for the holidays, and sending a friend a game on sale at the last minute because you forgot all about them and even Amazon can’t save you this time…

Most games can be gifted and even DLC can be purchased for a friend, but there are a few restrictions, such as not being able to gift Xbox Play Anywhere, Xbox 360 or original Xbox games – the latter two in particular have a weird and jarring legacy purchase system, which is probably why. You also cannot gift pre-orders and there’s no gifting of microtransactions. Considering that this is ideal for sale purchases, it’s also odd that there are restrictions here as well. You can only gift two identical discounted items and no more than 10 discounted games in total in a fortnight. Oh, and no refunds from either giver or receiver, so make sure you’re buying something they’ll like!

So lots of strange edge cases and rules, but for most people and most games, gifting should be pretty painless, and certainly a more pleasant and personal experience than the current practice of buying Xbox top up cards.

Source: Forbes via Engadget


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