The Third Deal From Sony’s 12 Deals Of Christmas Is GTAV

Right then, who doesn’t own Grand Theft Auto V? Anyone? Anyone at all? Surely there must be someone? No need to be shy, come on just raise you hand so we known your are the one person left in the world who has not bought GTAV.

If you have been in a coma since September 2013 then good news, Grand Theft Auto V is the latest of Sony’s 12 Deals of Christmas and you can pick up the game for £19.99 from the PlayStation Store. I really don’t think I need to post a trailer for the game, so instead here’s the 2013 Christmas #1.

Source: PlayStation Store

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  1. *Looks to see what Cex are offering for it***

  2. Raises hand.

    Just me then?

    Oh, and no, I haven’t been in a coma. That I can remember anyway.

  3. Had it but sold it years ago. I’m the least hoard-iest (is that a word?) person I know. I even sold Assassin’s Creed Origins and Fifa 18 at the weekend, as I don’t get time to play them very much and didn’t want them just lying there on the shelf.

  4. I’m impressed they didn’t put the £102 version on sale for that same discount, which would be £37

    Oddly enough, it’s almost tempting. Don’t own the PS4 version, only the PS3. But then they forgot to do any DLC for it, so I won’t bother taking them up on that offer and playing it again.

  5. Bought it on PS3, sold it. Bought it again on PS4, sold it. Bought it again during the last Black Friday sale, just to try the online mode.. Still haven’t tried it online.

  6. I don’t.

    I had it on PS3, completed the single-player, and traded it in. It bored me. Not interested in the multi-player in the slightest.

  7. It must be the only one I have never bought,
    I am a little tempted… but so much in backlog… confused… must… resist…

  8. Wasn’t this one of the deals last year too?!

    • And the year before as well. But £19.99 is the lowest price so far.

  9. I have never played GTAV. It is not my kind of game and I have been always thinking, it’ll get cheaper and I’ll have a go. It never does… My interest in the game decays faster than the price.

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