What We Played #335 – Doom VFR, Wolfenstein 2 & Destiny 2: Curse Of Osiris

I went to watch Justice League this week and SPOILERS it was the biggest superhero car crash I’ve seen since… oh yes, Suicide Squad. I don’t get how DC continue to keep getting things so wrong, but part of it has to be due to how shaken they are by Marvel’s success.

I was one of the few people who actually quite liked Batman vs. Superman (ft. Wonder Woman), with Ben Affleck’s brooding and violent take on the Dark Knight in particular being one most decent parts of the film. For whatever reason they decided to throw that out of the window for Justice League and used Batman as comic relief instead. Now, I’m not saying Batman isn’t allowed to be funny, but when those jokes boil down to “ouch, I hurt myself” and “my super power is being rich”, he’s not working with the best material. In fact, the rest of the dialogue is so clichéd overall that you can finish some of the lines in your head before the characters do.

The fact that they brought in Joss Whedon to ‘funny it up’ hasn’t worked at all, mainly because the tone is now all over the place. At least Batman vs. Superman was consistent. At this point they’d be better off taking the team behind the CW superhero shows and letting them have a crack at a movie or two as they’re doing an infinitely better job and for far less money.

Oh, and the worst crime Justice League performs? They throw their secret identities around like they’re nothing! There’s some nordic villagers who I’m fairly sure know that Bruce Wayne is Batman. Maybe Snyder and crew thought they just didn’t have the internet out there so it was ok? Bleurgh!

Turning to video games and I’ve been playing Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier which is good fun, though should probably only loosely be described as a game! Besides that there’s been some Forza 7 on the agenda, as well as a return visit to Final Fantasy XV. I now absolutely can’t wait for this weekend’s Monster Hunter beta!

Dave has been playing Doom VFR, as well as returning to The Surge for its A Walk In The Park DLCSteve meanwhile has been playing some Dead Rising 4 for impressions on PS4, a bit of Rayman Legends with his poorly son, and a lot of Sky Force Reloaded. Having Tuffcub on the leaderboards msy have incentivised him a little bit… (Steve is winning, by the way). He’s also looking forward to the Monster Hunter Beta this weekend!

Aran has played more Assassin’s Creed Origins, though he hasn’t progressed with the main quest at all outside of the prologue since he’s been exploring the world instead. He’s also tried a bit of Battle Chasers Nightwar which hasn’t clicked with him yet, though there’s still time.

Jake has been been enjoying Resident Evil Revelations on Switch and has a review inbound for that, but he’s also dipped into Super Mario Odyssey at the same time. He’s played but doesn’t like Destiny 2’s Curse of Osiris expansion. His impressions aren’t all that rosy:

It doesn’t fix issues and yeah, my mates without the expansion can’t raid anymore because it requires 310 light to do it on hard/ prestige, you could only get to 305 prior to the expansion.

There’s been a smidge of Splatoon 2 for Miguel this week, and he’s also started Wolfenstein 2 and got to the midway point. One mobile he’s been playing Animal Crossing Pocket Camp since it came out, but as much as he love’s all those cute villagers, “there ain’t a lot of substance to it right now.”

Tuffcub meanwhile has been playing quite a lot of stuff:

I am still playing Sky Force Reloaded and will continue to do so until I am beating Steve. Also played Destiny 2 – Curse of Osiris, which is a lot of running through dull triangular tunnels, Rogue Trooper Redux, which was played for about ten minutes before I couldn’t handle the last gen shooting, and despite what I said I went back to Wolfenstein 2. It’s exceedingly dull, so didn’t play it for long. In short, AAA games are rubbish and vertical scrolling schmups rock.

Jokes on Tuffcub about Rogue Trooper, it’s actually a PS2 game!

Jim hasn’t had much time for gaming this week at all! Still, he’s managed to get some time in with Syberia for the Switch. “Despite how disappointing Syberia 3 turned out, I still recommend the first two (which are also free on PS+, by the way).” He also started Splatoon 2 which is “neat though the single player stuff is very tedious”. He’s also been dipping in and out of Yakuza 0 too.

Ade is still ploughing through Assassin’s Creed Origins, as “it’s the game that keeps on giving.” He also has a Top Tip™ for those playing it: “If you pull out your torch and drop it on the floor it’ll keep on burning. Then you can light your arrow from that handy fire to achieve flaming arrows anytime you need them!” He’s also been playing Caveman Warriors for review, which is “good fun if rendered a little frustrating with technical faults.”

And finally, Tef has been bouncing back and forth a lot this week. Reigns: Her Majesty received plenty of praise for its clever new twist on last year’s Tinder-esque kingdom management, and he too has found Destiny 2 – Curse of Osiris a touch disappointing thus far, but he’ll come back to that next week. You can also expect to see his thoughts on The Red Strings Club, a cyberpunk story from the makers of Gods Will Be Watching, and what it’s like to send comically oversized dinosaurs charging into huge regiments of ratmen. Can you guess the game he’s referring to?

Now then, what have you played? And what did you think of Justice League if you saw it?

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  1. Did all the side missions in Wolfenstein 2, which were even more underwhelming than the main campaign. Found most of the collectables, but really can’t be bothered to find the remaining few, just wanna get something else in my PS4 asap!

  2. I was away for a few days this week so not a lot of gaming done. Of course i got to play Xmas Mule – where i bring my mum up to the city for her Xmas shopping and end up carrying loads of bags and packages around all day.

    I also tried forma.8 which i quite liked, unfortunately my PS+ sub expired the day after so i’ll have to get back to it later on.

    And just a few hours here and there of Skyrim VR, just hitting the 50 hour mark now. No distractions this weekend though so i’ll have some quality time with it.

  3. Just Battlefront 2 and a little bit of GT Sport endurance for me this week. Star Wars has been great, I’ve recently bought all the unlockable characters and ships so it’s loot crates for me next. The campaign was great, very much like a contemporary blend of X-Wing vs Tie Fighter and Dark Forces, good rewards for collectibles to go back to too, and the online has been great fun to dip into, it a little repetitive now I’m doing the same Galactic Assault map over and over again. I’m looking forward to the new content landing, especially the single player stuff.
    And and early Merry Christmas folks, from a gently soozed TSAer.

  4. I’m still totally stuck with my free Netflix month, was only watching lots of The Walking Dead, love it.

  5. I helped the wife set up a character on my account in Final Fantasy 14. She did surprisingly well for someone who hasn’t games in years.

    I’ve been stuck with a stubborn heavy cold so I focused on grinding out the crafting trophies. Now have both trophies for culinarian and leatherworker. Also have the first trophy for the other six crafting classes, and still have the three gathering classes to go.

  6. Managed to nab the platinum in AC Origins this week – took some doing completing every location on the map but it never once felt like a chore. Amazing game.

    I’m thinking the next AC instalment will be an Aya spin-off, maybe set in Rome (at least that’s what I’m hoping). They could do something totally different of course but Aya was a really cool character – much more interesting than Bayek, who was fine but a bit forgettable tbh. Plus I just couldn’t take his name seriously and whenever anyone mentioned it, I just thought of Coronation Street or something. By ‘eck lad!

    Played a little Yonder The Cloud Catcher Chronicles too which is different but nice change of pace. It reminds me a little of Don’t Starve but a more colourful, child-friendly version – without monsters or any threat level at all really. I can see this getting a bit old/repetitive in the long run but I’m enjoying it for now.

  7. Also, I’m not a fan of the recent DC movies (what a mess) but the last few Marvel movies aren’t as good or defined as they used to be either – dare I say ‘bland’. I haven’t seen the new Thor film though and I’ve heard that’s supposed to be quite good.

    Next movie for us is The Last Jedi :D

  8. I returned to Hitman. Never played past Paris initially, but now that the elusive targets are returning, i want to finish the campaign, get as many of the elusive targets as possible, and try to get 100% of the trophies.

    Also i got myself 3 platinums – The World of Nubla (nothing to be particularly proud of), Color Guardians, and Until Dawn. Nearing my 75th Platinum now and am planning what i want that to be…

    And i finally started Final Fantasy XV and Pyre.

  9. This month’s ps+ games required more space on my Vita, so I quickly knocked out the platinum for one of the older ps+ games. One of those ones where you read lots and make the very occasional choice about handsome gentlemen. Code Realize.

    Then on to this month’s games. Not a bad selection, not great.

    And almost done with watch dogs 2. All good fun until you spend ages trying to take a photo of someone vomiting for a trophy.

    And a lot of fun in Rec Room again. Paintball is getting to be lots of fun there. As are the quests, unless you punch furniture swinging a sword around. And plenty of fun breaking the Unity physics engine. Stick darts in a frisbee, and it seems to try and do the physics for both at once and goes amusingly wrong.

    And 2 S-rank trophies for Thumper now. Just 7 to go.

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