The Sixth Deal From Sony’s 12 Deals Of Christmas Is Midde-earth: Shadow Of War

It’s time for the sixth deal in Sony’s annual celebration of consumerism, the previous five haven’t been all that good to be honest so will the sixth deal be a good one? I certainly don’t know as I’m writing this up before it’s been announced and will fill in the information when the deal is revealed on Sunday.

I guess we just sit here and wait till it’s been announced then. Uhm. This is a little awkward. How have you been? Doing anything nice for the holidays? Nah, me neither, just back to the folks for four fun packed days of incredibly slow broadband and one bar reception on my phone. It’s like being a neanderthal, it really is.


Oh, here we go, the deal has been posted, thank goodness for that. It’s Middle-earth: Shadow of War and it now down to £29.99, taking 45% off the price.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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  1. Nice Christmas chat TC, nicer than the deal anyway. None of them have grabbed me by the balls, Need For Speed got close but the price wasn’t quite low enough. Ah well, I don’t need more games, I need more time to play the ones I’ve got!
    I’m working Christmas Day, lucky for me it’s from 5pm so I get a cosy day in with wife and my two two year olds who haven’t got a clue but are getting irrationally excited about all this Santa and presents business. We have fibre broadband.

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