Spy On Your Neigbours For The State When Beholder Launches In January For PS4 And Xbox One

Curve Digital has announced that it is bringing the spying title Beholder to PS4 and Xbox One in January 2018. The game originally released on PC in 2016. This isn’t a spy game where you’re breaking into facilities of other nations but instead players take on the role of Carl, who oversees the residents of a state run apartment complex. As Carl players will snoop on the tenants, see if they’re breaking the law by having banned goods or plotting against the nation.


But as Carl you have choices. You can play by the rules and report every infraction or turn a blind eye now and again, though that will have consequences. The choices made will lead to one of 20 different endings found in game. On top of the base experience PS4 and Xbox One players will also receive the Blissful Sleep DLC which explore more of Carl’s life.

The PS4 version will be out on January 16th while the Xbox One version will be released January 19th.

Source: Press Release

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