What We Played #336 – Destiny 2, Yakuza 0 & PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

We’re still playing games here – in between running around panic buying Christmas things for a small family members who may or may not have been forgotten – but this week has all been about Star Wars: The Last Jedi. I won’t spoil it, but if you’ve been a fan of Star Wars since the beginning (it counts if you had it taped on VHS off the telly), then there are various points that are going to delight you. I have no shame in saying I’d teared up within about the first ten minutes, at just how awesome the events on screen were. If you’re going to watch it this weekend, enjoy!

I’ve also been playing computer game quizzes with It’s Quiz Time and it has one of the worst digital characters of recent years. Thankfully you can stop her talking to you, but an option to remove her entirely would be better! I also loved the Monster Hunter beta, putting in some single and multiplayer time and it’s mostly sold me on the new game, even if there are still a few nagging doubts about the scout flies and their glowing trail, and it didn’t seem as though your attacks interrupted those of other players any more (I didn’t think to double check at the time). Still, bring on the end of January!

TC has been wearing his fancy electronic hat again:

Bit of Destiny 2, really didn’t think much of the Osiris DLC. More Sky Force Reloaded, tiny bit of Darksiders 2, again. not that impressed. Also played all five minutes of The Last Guardian VR, which is very frustrating. After lots of messing about with barrels you finally get on Trico’s back and it’s awesome and then the screen fades to black and you’re on the ground again. Riding around on Trico is the obvious thing to do in VR, but they don’t let you do it. Rubbish.

Jim meanwhile has mostly been playing Yakuza 0 and hitting up all the crazy side missions in the game. He’s also been hitting the slopes again in Steep’s Winter Olympics expansion. Aside from that he’s started Undertale on PlayStation Vita and has been trying his hardest to avoid the new Overwatch seasonal event. Aran has played more Assassin’s Creed Origins. “My character is now level 31 and the main quest has been left untouched again. It’s ridiculous how much there is to do in the world. Think it’s my personal fave open world game of this year.”

Steve has played a good few games, though a poorly child may have slowed his progress;

A fair bit of the charming and beautiful Nine Parchments, including some multiplayer with the charming Ade. Would have benefitted from my partner having voice comms as there’s only so much you can communicate through spinning your character on the spot! Put a decent bit of time into the Monster Hunter Beta and am looking forward to the full game now. Also started Mario & Luigi’s Dream Team as I remembered how many 3ds games are sat in my drawer. Still trying to catch up after a few days sunk into the overrated ‘catch the sick from a puking child in a bucket’ which may work better in VR

Miguel has been busy wrapping up final projects for the end of his semester, but he still managed to beat the Splatoon 2 campaign and play about thirty minutes of Wolfenstein 2. Ade though did a bit better and finished up the main quest of Assassin’s Creed Origins after 44 hours of gaming. “It was an excellent experience and it’s not over yet, as I’m now exploring the remaining regions, fighting gladiators and finding (and being killed by) war elephants. Also, from a historical point of view, the culmination and ending of the storyline was very satisfying.” He also played the very pretty Nine Parchments for review, including a little online play with some bloke called Steve. “He was not a considerate partner as he kept insisting on thwacking me with his big staff at the most inopportune times.”

Dave has been playing a ton of Hearthstone’s new Dungeon Run mode, which he’s going to be writing about soon. He’s also played LocoRoco 2 Remastered for review, booted up Fallout 4 VR for a short spell, and sunk a few hours into the Fighting EX Layer beta, which is fun though it “has some balance issues (the Armour Gouji is too good), netcode issues at times, and needs an overhaul in the sound effects department as hits sound like slaps with wet tissues.” It does look good at least…

Tef is last as usual, and he’s been delving back into Destiny 2. Curse of Osiris might not be the game at its finest, but there’s some highlights such as the Eater of Worlds. Similarly, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on Xbox One and Xbox One X isn’t either console at its best, but it’s just a first and rough round the edges draft of the staggeringly popular game on console. Something he can be more unreservedly enthusiastic about is Far Cry 5 though, which he got to spend over 90 minutes playing earlier this week.

Now then, tell us what you’ve played!

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  1. I’ve started on South Park after the deal the other day. So very, very wrong, in a good way. They’ve even managed to make PC Principal funny. And fights being interrupted by passing cars is never not going to be amusing.

    And my 4th platinum in a month with Watch Dogs 2. Better than the first in some ways, not as good in others. Easier trophies (none of those annoying mini-games), but disappointingly easy overall.

    VR fun this week included fashioning a crude camera stand out of an old speaker stand, a bit from my TV which is hopefully not important, and possibly more cable ties than was necessary. It’s a bit wobbly, but having it at standing head height seems to be a better place for it.

    Which then meant too long playing paintball in Rec Room with ridiculous custom rules. Start with a pistol and some others to pick up around the map? No! We shall turn off the pickups and give everyone 2 grenade launchers instead.

    Also, there’s now a TSAVR community on the PS4 to go with the other one. Hopefully we can get all the fancy behatted people to join that and arrange some VR shenanigans. But communities are hard to search for, so feel free to hunt down my PSN ID (MrYd) and find it that way, or send me a message and I’ll invite you.

    • Speaking of VR….yes, me again…I´ve just aquired PSVR. My question to you this time: is the resolution supposed to to look like it’s 480P, or am I doing something wrong? I even have a PS4 Pro which is supposed to make the VR look better.

      • I think you might be exaggerating a bit there, but…

        The resolution obviously isn’t as good as on a TV. It’s 1080, but across both eyes, so 960×1080 per eye. And some games may look better than others.

        To start with, you do kind of notice. But only to start with. Soon get used to it.

        Do check the lenses are clean. Wipe them with a suitable cloth. (A circular motion starting at the centre and moving out works best). And especially in cold weather, watch out for them steaming up, which is inevitable when you put cold lenses right next to a warm face. They soon warm up though, and shouldn’t fog up again if you give them a quick wipe. Turning it on and leaving it for 10 minutes before putting it on your head might help a bit.

        Also, make sure it’s in the right position. You can wiggle the front part about a bit while looking at text to get it just right. I find it’s best with the band around the back of your head quite low down towards your neck (and tightened quite tight), so the display part isn’t resting on your nose. Which is uncomfortable and probably slightly off for your eyes.

        And set up the distance between your eyes properly. Go to settings > devices > playstation VR > measure eye-to-eye distance and follow the instructions. A well hidden setting they don’t seem to tell you about.

        What were you playing that doesn’t look so great?

      • Not sure what you mean by 480P, what games have you tried? Could it be the screen-door effect where it seems like there is a fine grid/mesh over the display? I noticed it straight away when i first tried my PSVR but i’ve barely noticed it at all since then. Whilst playing you generally focus your eyes beyond the physical surface of the display and you don’t really notice it anymore.
        You could try going through the IPD setup in the PS4->PSVR settings, that might make a difference.

      • Actually, it’s everything. It almost looks like there is a thin vail (veil?) in front of the lense or as if I’m looking very closely at an old fashioned tv (non hd). I’ve tried the eye disctance thing but maybe I’ve haven’t done it properly and then I’ve heard about this:


        When removing the headset the screen on tv looks fine.

      • I mean, the screen doesn’t look “smooth and clear” at any point so far and especially in Resi 7 things looked rubbish. The immersion was there but the resolution…

  2. Been playing Destiny 2 again.

    Have other games to play but always seem to put Destiny 2 on when I get a chance to play something.

    I must diversify.

    Half way through Witcher 3,was enjoying that, went back to Destiny 2 because of the dlc.

  3. It’s all been about Star Wars this week! I’ve played a lot of Battlefront 2 and having now unlocked all the characters and ships and accumulated a clone armie’s worth of crafting parts I’ve been gambling for and upgrading cards. Seems like a really good customisation system hampered significantly by the excruciatingly slow progression. Also, patching the heroes to cost 8000 points per round is ridiculous, as a player of limited talent I was comfortably able to earn one go with a hero in most games, but now it’s hopeless. Apart from being a stupid game it brilliant.
    Speaking of brilliant, so is The Last Jedi. I trekked up to the BFI IMAX to a midnight screening to be with fellow nerds and soak up the atmosphere, it was brilliant and totally worth paying silly money and missing a nights sleep for!

    • How odd, they’ve always been 8,000 to my knowledge, except when the hero is specific to the era of map you’re playing on, then it’s 6,000.

      • Oh really? I honestly hadn’t noticed the 8000 before yesterday! Complaint withdrawn, cheers for the heads up Avenger :)

  4. It’s the silly season, work xmas night-out, catching up with friends for (more) xmas drinks, a few final pressies to source … all eating into my gaming time but i managed some more Rush of Blood and Skyrim VR.

  5. I’ve not played any games this week, as far as I remember.

    First, I watched quite a lot more of The Walking Dead, and just when I thought it can’t get any better it did, it’s incredible, I absolutely love it.

    The only thing which almost stopped me was Netflix. They can’t even make it through my first free month without support calls, what a rubbish reliability their service has. It stopped working on my PS4, so I had to switch to my PS3, which worked for some reason they couldn’t sort out so far. So I cancelled my subscription.

    Then, I watched The Last Jedi yesterday. And, sadly, it was the first Star Wars (except for I to III, of course), which didn’t make me go all WOW. It’s not a bad film, but it just didn’t click with me, and it left me thinking about why. Of course, there was a lot of cool stuff in it, and they started off strong indeed. But it dragged on a bit in the middle, the storylines were not that coherent, and they messed with some of the very basics of what Star Wars is about that I just got worried for the future films by the same director.

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