New Gift From The Gods Quest Will Bring Final Fantasy XV Items To Assassin’s Creed Origins

Ubisoft and Square Enix are collaborating once more and this time elements of Final Fantasy XV will be making their way into Assassin’s Creed Origins, with a new quest called A Gift From The Gods quest which will give players the chance to obtain new loot. The quest will be live in the Giza region from December 19th.

The loot gained from the quest will include the legendary shield Ziedrich, the sword Ultima Blade, and a new mount in the form of the chocobo Kweh. In addition to this quest the Trials of the Gods makes a return too but with a twist. Instead of one god there will be three gods to face, with these being Anubis, Sobek, and Sekhmet. Along with the trial a new community challenge will be available with completion earning all those taking part some new gear in the form of the Sunslayer Sword. The gods need to be defeated the following number of times for success.

  • PS4: 275,000
  • Xbox One: 175,000
  • PC: 75,000

This trial will run from December 19th until December 26th.

Source: Ubisoft

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