Happy New Year!

If you’re sipping champagne with family, taking a few seconds break from a raucous party, or reading this hours after Big Ben has chimed despite the renovations to the Elizabeth Tower: Happy New Year!

2017 had quite a few more downs than it did ups on a global scale, but I hope that you’ve been able to send it out in style. I also hope that what lies ahead brings you everything you deserve, whether that’s simply sticking with a New Years resolution long enough that you feel satisfied, continuing to enjoy life as it is, or looking to start a new chapter. Let’s try and make 2018 a great one.

And in the world of gaming, there’s plenty to look forward to as well. We’ll soon be kicking off our Ones to Watch feature for this year, and you can definitely expect to see the likes of God of War, Ni no Kuni 2, Red Dead Redemption 2, Monster Hunter: World, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Yakuza 6 and so very much more on the list.

Oh yes, 2018’s going to be a good year for games. My final hope is that you’ll join us as we explore them all.

But for now, soak up the celebrations and for all of us at TheSixthAxis, I’ll say it again: Happy New Year!

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  1. Happy new year to all at TSA.

    To the staff, you make this site awesome with a constant stream of excellent content.

    To the readers, let’s all make a resolution to comment more on here. We’re the reason they make this content, let’s provide the staff with reason to keep it going.

    Happy new year one and all.

  2. Happy New Year to everyone who makes TSA what it is and all the readers have a good one ;)

  3. Whoop. Happy new year people. Off to work I go.

  4. Happy New Year to everyone at TSA, and to the readers on here.
    Thanks for all the work you put into this site, you’re doing a very good job and kept me coming back for years now.

    • Happy new yea everyone and thanks for all the hard work last year TSA, you are the nuts!

  5. All the best to everyone who works on, comments on, & just lurks in the background of this great site.
    And on a personal level, this year’s got to be better than the last. Here’s hoping ;)

  6. Happy new year to all.

  7. Damn, we’ve just finished one year and another one has started. When will it ever end? Oh well, at least the shops will be removing the christmas stock and decorations from the shelves and turning off the christmas music – time to make room for the easter eggs! xD

    Wishing everyone a fab 2018 and thanks to all the TSA staff for their many hours of unpaid work and effort which provides many of us with our daily gaming-related sustenance!

    • MINI EGGS! YESSS!!! No New Years diet is safe.

  8. Happy new year everybody.

  9. Just home from a tedious work shift and my kids are all ill.

    Happy new year I guess. Off to a great start.

    My new year resolution is to play more games! Feels like I barely played anything in 2017, here’s to a better year!

    Hope everyone else has a better new year.

  10. Happy Birthday TSA

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