Microsoft Officially Discontinue The Kinect Adapter For Xbox One S And X

Kinect was easily one of the least loved aspects of the Xbox One at launch, and since the console’s initial release Microsoft have steadily backed away from the innovative depth mapping motion sensor. With the launch of the One S, the Kinect port was removed, necessitating the use of a USB and power adapter to continue using Kinect, which was initially provided for free to those that needed one.

After Microsoft discontinued the free adapter programme and then ceased production of the Kinect itself last October, it was only a matter of time until they officially discontinued the adapter as well. Finding an adapter has reportedly been near impossible for months now, and without this adapter or an original Xbox One to use the Kinect with, these cameras are effectively worthless.

Thankfully, you can use standard USB webcams instead, enabling system voice commands, video calls and picture in picture streaming via Mixer. However, when we see the 3D depth mapping technology that Kinect based itself on as the foundations for Apple’s FaceID facial recognition, it’s a shame to see that Microsoft’s take on the technology has fallen by the wayside.

via Polygon

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  1. Hard to believe they’ve dropped it so hard, especially after forcing it upon launch XB1 adopters.

    • Yet again, Microsoft promise the earth and then deliver something entirely underwhelming……

      Microsoft, the only thing they have been excelling at, is creating disappointed ex-punters…

  2. I remember Sony throwing in (for more money) a camera with their original PS4 at launch. I bought it…

    There must have been some uncertainty about how popular Kinect actually was at the time, so they put it out there just in case. I guess it’s found a purpose with PSVR now but did Sony ever even attempt to make use of it before then? I can’t think of any games off the top of my head?

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