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More Dragon Ball FighterZ Characters And Special Features Revealed

The Shenron System

Just a matter of weeks before its release on 26th January, Bandai Namco have announced a bunch of additional characters and features for Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Three additional characters join the roster. Beerus comes with his God of Destruction’s Judgement super move, Hit can unleash his Death Blow, while Goku Black is great for long distance fighting.

During a battle, the Shenron System will look to keep things varied. Meeting certain combo requirements will make Dragon Balls appear, and when all seven have been collected, Shenron will then grant you a wish from four options. Similarly, the Dramatic Scenes will let you relive certain Dragon Ball moments by meeting certain conditions in a fight to trigger cutscenes.

Anyone and everyone will be able to get their hands on the game during a beta next weekend. Pre-ordering the game will let you play from 8AM on Saturday 13th January, while the open beta kicks off at 8AM on Sunday 14th. It runs until 8AM on Tuesday 16th January.

In the meantime, here’s a new trailer introducing SSGSS Vegeta.

Source: press release

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