The Sea Of Thieves Closed Beta Sets Sail On 24th January

After years bobbing up and down on the horizon of game releases, Rare’s Sea of Thieves is finally coming into view. The game received a 20th March release date in December, and as it wrapped up alpha testing at the same time, the next step is a closed beta test. That will run from 24th-29th January.

To be even more specific, you’ll be able to swash your buckle from 12PM GMT on the 24th until 8AM on the 29th, giving you nearly five days of fannying around on the high seas.


It will be accessible to anyone who signed up for the Sea of Thieves Insider Programme for alpha testing, across both Xbox One and PC. You can’t join that programme anymore, but can still get into the beta by pre-ordering the game.

Source: Xbox

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  1. Really looking forward to this one. Have wanted a good pirate game for a long time and, while I’m sure the stuff in Assassins Creed was good, it’s the sort of game I’d want to play co-operatively.

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