Overwatch League Player Suspended After Using A Homophobic Slur

That didn’t take long, did it? Just two weeks into the inaugural Overwatch League season, and Felix Lengyel – who goes by the online handle xQc – has been suspended by both the league and his team Dallas Fuel for using a homophobic slur against the openly gay Austin “Muma” Wilmot of the Houston Outlaws.

It actually happened outside of the competition as Lengyel responded on a personal stream to Wilmot’s use of one of his signature lines to taunt the Fuel after beating them in the competition. While Lengyel apologised to Wilmot, who accepted it, this goes against the code of conduct for the Overwatch League, seeing Lengyel be suspended for four matches and fined $2000. Dallas Fuel have also stated that he is suspended until the end of Stage 1, which is roughly the same period of time.


It’s a refreshingly strict approach from both organisations, to cut down on the types of foul language and immature behaviour that is often associated with online gaming. Obviously, as Blizzard seek to bring esports into the mainstream with the Overwatch League, they need to have a modicum of respectability to the competition. This will be a clear line in the sand for other players to act appropriately.

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  1. Ugh. All the good ones are straight ;D

    Y’know I’m actually quite impressed by the way this has been handled. Apologies made/accepted, a fair penalty for breaching the rules and everyone moves on like adults (hopefully).

    Take note, Hollywood.

  2. Agreed, zero tolerance is the only option

  3. What was said?

    • He told him to “suck a fat cock”, which (a) is strangely specific about what sort of cock he should suck, and (b) not really homophobic because for a gay man that’s anywhere form “just something you do” to “a hobby you enjoy whenever the opportunity arises”.

      Some people have been quite keen to point that out. I’m sure you can work out what sort of people.

      What they haven’t been pointing out is that he said “I mean, you would like it” afterwards, which is where it gets homophobic. Possibly. Does that imply it’s wrong and he likes it because he’s one of the gays?

      It doesn’t really sound like he was suspended for being homophobic though. More like he was suspended for being unprofessional and a sweary muppet.

      • I suppose if you look at it that way then it could have been much, much worse. I mean he could have told him to suck a regular cock, implying that he isn’t attractive enough to pull someone with a ‘fat’ one. Or even more worse, told him to ‘go eat a flamingo’. Personally, I couldn’t think of anything worse than that.

        It’s funny isn’t it how so many gay men find dining at McHetro’s repulsive. Or at the very least, unpleasant. But if a hetro feels the same way about dining at GayFC they’re homophobic. Then there are the people who think we should just open one big food hall and everyone dines with everyone.

        Ugh, I’m so hungry. I missed my lunch today in case you were wondering where all these food puns were coming from.

      • Most people, gay or straight, aren’t particularly bothered by what anyone else is up to. There’s nothing repulsive about what straight men get up to with 1 or more ladies. It just does absolutely nothing for me. If it works for you, go for it.

        And these days, most people aren’t too bothered by what a couple of men might get up to together. I’m sure it does nothing for you, but would you be repulsed by it? I doubt it.

        Now, there might be some people, gay or straight, who are repulsed by anything that doesn’t do anything for them. I suspect that’s mostly so they don’t think about it too much and realise they might enjoy it. And while that applies to some gay men, I’m fairly sure it applies to more straight men. And not just because there’s more of them.

        So eat whatever you want, just don’t tell anyone else there’s anything wrong with what they want to eat. Unless it’s marmite, because that’s just wrong for anyone.

      • Yes I mean they are repulsed at the thought of partaking in the act themselves. Not repulsed by others partaking in the act, whatever the act may be. I don’t think many people care what anyone else is getting up to, nor should they.

        Maybe repulsed is the wrong word. But I’ve met quite a few gay men who would sooner hand themselves over to Jigsaw than participate in a bush tucker trial.

        Strictly beef! XD

      • Hello. Resident gay here. Being told to “Suck a fat cock” is not homophobic, the following line “I mean, you would like it” is also not homophobic, just a childish insult.

        Hope that helps.

      • At the very least, it’s possibly intended to be a little bit homophobic. He’s basically saying “that thing you like? I’m using it to insult you”

        It’s very childish, yes. And right for them to deal with it. Another appropriate response would have been “Whip it out for me then”. (Which in real life would either shut them up, or lead to a surprise appearance of a cock. In which case, “it’s like a penis, only smaller” would be a good response)

      • To be fair, a schoolyard war of words would have been much more entertaining than watching them play Overwatch.

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